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  • Flatbed Truck Box

    Flatbed Truck Box

    Eby flatbed truck boxes are custom-built to fit your turck. Whether you drive a Dodge, International, Ford or Chevy, every flatbed is built to spec in order to fit each specific truck model. This conversion is handy for providing more hauling surface area. Tool boxes, side rails and other options are available.

  • Eby - Maverick Livestock Trailer

    Eby - Maverick Livestock Trailer

    New Eby Maverick livestock trailer for sale. 20' long, plain - not dressed up. Save in the long run with a light weight, highly durable aluminum trailer from Eby.

  • Eby - Ruff Neck Trailer

    Eby - Ruff Neck Trailer

    Eby Ruff Neck for sale. 30' long, two dividers with sliding walk-through. Lightweight and durable. Comes with spare tire and rim. Only Eby offers an all-aluminum undercarriage as standard equipment. This allows for reduced weight as well as years of axle attachment corrosion-free service.