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  • Model TR-330 - Scarifier

    Model TR-330 - Scarifier

    TR-330 reinvents the way you do surface prep. With one machine you can now resurface existing concrete and asphalt in ways that haven't been possible. It's the result of fine engineering and rugged testing. It's designed for high volume projects, including dairy barns, airplane runways, and warehouses. The easy-to-control user panel paired with patented features ensures this machine delivers every time.

  • Carbide Flail Cutters

    Carbide Flail Cutters

    Our carbide flail cutters are designed for leveling, grinding, cleaning, grooving, milling, and general surface preparation with all types of scarifiers. They are great for removing pavement markings, epoxy, paint, and waterproofing membranes. Last up to 30 times longer and cut 5 times faster than traditional steel cutters.

  • Flat Faced Carbide Cutters

    Flat Faced Carbide Cutters

    Our flat face carbide cutters provide 100% removal of the surface material with little damage to the substrate. They feature almost three times more carbide than other standard cutters and were designed for pavement marking removal, including: paint, thermo-plastic, and epoxy. They are best used for removal applications that require a flat and even finish. They are offered in 6, 8, 12, and 16 point configurations.

  • Carbide Tipped Milling Cutters

    Carbide Tipped Milling Cutters

    Our carbide tipped milling cutters are designed for milling asphalt and removing thick materials, such as: thermo-plastic, rubber, glues, mastic, cold plastic coatings, and waterproofing membranes. They leave the surface smooth and ready for preparation and are commonly used to remove a majority of the material prior to using a carbide flail cutter.

  • Shafts and Spacers

    Shafts and Spacers

    Our OEM quality shafts, and spacers are designed to work with many of the scarifiers and traffic line removers used in the surface preparation industry.

  • OEM Quality Drums

    OEM Quality Drums

    Our OEM quality drums, are designed to work with many of the scarifiers and traffic line removers used in the surface preparation industry.

  • Solid Carbide Scrapers

    Solid Carbide Scrapers

    Our solid carbide scrapers are made from premium quality carbide to ensure the longest life for all removal applications. They are offered in square, 7, 10, and 15 point designs.