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  • Lintrac

  • Lintrac  - Model 90 - 4 Wheel-Steering Tractor

    Lintrac - Model 90 - 4 Wheel-Steering Tractor

    The Lintrac is the first continuously variable, standard tractor with steering rear axle which can achieve incredible manoeuvrability. The optimum performances from a tractor, a slope mower and a farmyard loader are combined in one efficient vehicle. The ZF continuously variable technology, combined with a simple and practically-orientated operating concept from Lindner, make successful working with Lintrac child´s play.

  • Geotrac

  • GEOTRAC - Model 134ep - Tractor

    GEOTRAC - Model 134ep - Tractor

    The most powerful tractor in company history. The Geotrac 134 ep has a standard output of 133 HP / 98 KW - continuously when performing heavy pulling. During light-duty transport work or when operating in the PTO mode, a maximum output of 144 HP / 106 kW is available. A torque of 560 Nm guarantees enormous pulling force at all times.