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  • Soil Testing Kit

    Soil Testing Kit

    Soil provides the physical, chemical, and biological processes required to sustain most terrestrial plant and animal life. Crop production and its environmental effects depend on the quality of soil. Soil quality determines how well the soil performs its functions. This kit is for extension purpose only. This easy to use kit helps in providing an index of nutrient availability or supply in the soil and the basis of fertilizer recommendation for a given...

  • Transgreen Foliar Spray

    Transgreen Foliar Spray

    Transgreen is a specially formulated growth stimulant/crop growth enhancer derived from certain phytoplankons and rich organic extracts. It enhances various physiological and bio chemical processes, helps in assimilating major and trace elements resulting in increased productivity, better quality and growth of plants and produce. It also promotes the uptake of various nutrients thereby stimulating growth and activates flowering and fruiting in...