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  • Customized Spare Parts Delivery  Services

    Customized Spare Parts Delivery Services

    Our staff is ready to provide you with spare parts, consumables and accessories for the technics from world-known original manufacturers. In case of absence of the necessary parts, our managers will promptly make an application and conduct a delivery. We guarantee high quality of service, thanks to the vast experience in sales of spare parts for special equipment. After a few days since you have  made an order,  you can pick up your spare...

  • Spare Parts Warranty Services

    Spare Parts Warranty Services

    Our company guarantees quality of all the spare parts that are released from our warehouse. All units or parts that break down under normal conditions of installation and usage, are accepted for the replacement. Parts or components that went out of order on the consumer's fault, are accepted for the repairs.There is given a warranty on all the new spare parts for a period, specified by the manufacturer.

  • Finance Services

    Finance Services

    Transvitek company has experience of working with russian and foreign leasing companies. We are always ready to give advise to our clients on the proposals of the leasing companies from different regions of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan. It is important to determine in advance with our vendor basic supply conditions, the currency of the contract, time of delivery, the prices on the equipment.

  • Transportation of Machinery  Services

    Transportation of Machinery Services

    Our company works with professionals who have long-time experience in the transportation of both out-of-gauge and bulky cargo. Our company provides services in the following areas:  Transportation of construction equipment and materials. Custom machinery transportation. Transportation of equipment for industrial, chemical, agricultural, and other areas.

  • Customs Services

    Customs Services

    Our company provides following customs services : Customs clearance of goods (registration, declaration, certification, etc.) for import and customs registration for export; Individual development of optimal schemes of goods delivery, depending on the form of transport; Customs costs optimization.