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  • Green Sand Casting Services

    Green Sand Casting Services

    The standard sand casting procedure that we implement for our bronze and aluminum castings is the green sand molding method. With this method the sand, which is mixed with a binder, is packed around the pattern to produce the mold. This is done by hand with pneumatic tools or with our automated sand machine known as a hunter. The patterns are removed from the mold leaving a cavity that will later provide the parts geometry. If the part being cast...

  • Secondary Processes Services

  • Heat Treating Services

    Heat Treating Services

    Our in-house heat treating department has the capability to handle high volumes with minimal turn around. The department boasts seven heat treating ovens and four quench tanks. To reduce the brittleness of our aluminum castings, tempering takes place in multiple aging ovens located through out the plant.

  • Galvanizing Services

    Galvanizing Services

    Zinc coating or galvanizing as it is more commonly known, is implemented to create a physical barrier around iron or steel parts to prevent corrosion. The galvanizing tank consists of a molten bath of liquid zinc where parts are submerged through a process referred to as hot dipping.

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  • Bronze Castings Service

    Bronze Castings Service

    Incorporated into our primary sand system is our bronze pouring line. While the majority of our bronze/brass consumption is for electrical transmission components we do produce castings for many other industries. Of the alloys that we pour some of the most common are 955(Aluminum Bronze), 836 (Red Brass), 115 (Red Brass), 875 (Silicon Bronze), 833 (Red brass/Contact metal), and 131 (Red Brass/Contact metal). Our average annually consumption of...