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  • Model SP42  - Skid Steer Vibratory Compactor Wheel

    Model SP42 - Skid Steer Vibratory Compactor Wheel

    Our Skid Steer Vibratory Compactor is ideal for windmill projects, golf courses, irrigation systems, gas, water and cable lines, phone lines, pipeline trenching, government projects, and more. The SP42 hydraulic vibratory compactor unit comes with a 42-inch diameter wheel and is designed for trenches up to 24 inches in width and 37 inches deep. The SP42 vibratory compactor also has available optional extensions of three inches per side, which will...

  • Model T84  - Hydraulic Vibratory Compaction Unit

    Model T84 - Hydraulic Vibratory Compaction Unit

    Ideal for Windmill Projects, pipelines, or any trenching jobs. Good for a one pass operation. The T84 is a hydraulic vibratory compaction unit with 2 vibrating wheels - a 6 to 18' x 48' front wheel, which will go down into the trench 40' and  6” to 18' x 36' rear wheel. Both wheels feature isolators. The T84 easily attaches to a tractor or dozer, and provides maximum compaction in one pass.

  • Model SA30/48/72 - Asphalt Spreader

    Model SA30/48/72 - Asphalt Spreader

    The SA30, SA48, and SA72 units grade and smooth asphalt in one pass so it is ready for your roller. They feature adjustable chutes that adjust from 12 to 72 inches in width and also for the depth of asphalt needed. All three models are also great for asphalt repairs.