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  • Degelman - Model 3500 - Dozer Blade

    Degelman - Model 3500 - Dozer Blade

    The 3500 series blade by Degelman is the best blade you can get for the 40-100 horsepower range. We can say with confidence that this the most rugged blade you'll find in this category. Designed for 40-100 horsepower 2WD tractors, skid steers, front-end-loaders and most front-wheel-assisted tractors, the 3500 series gives you the robust blade design Degelman is known for in a compact blade. Benefit from 0° to 18° two-way hydraulic angling that...

  • Honey Bee - Rice Belt Header

    Honey Bee - Rice Belt Header

    The Honey Bee Rice Belt Header speeds harvest with features that allow it to hug the ground for faster, easier harvests eliminating the twisting and tangling problems associated with conventional auger headers. Using drapers and a unique feeding auger, The Honey Bee Rice Belt Header uniformly feeds the crop heads first into the combine providing constant harvest speeds, superior threshing and better harvest efficiency, increasing combine capacity by...

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  • Agriculture - SmoothWall Bins

  • Meridian - Multi-Purpose Storage

    Meridian - Multi-Purpose Storage

    Meridian Built Fertilizer Bins are the most versatile, multi-purpose hopper bins available today. Used most often to store and handle fertilizer, grain, feed and seed, their versatility extends to coal, sand and any other free-flowing, dry granular commodity.

  • Agriculture - Galvanized Bins

  • Meridian - Hopper Bottom Bins

    Meridian - Hopper Bottom Bins

    For over 35 years, Meridian has been manufacturing the top quality galvanized bins that farmers the world over have come to trust.

  • Agriculture - Bulk Seed Tenders

  • Meridian - Model 110 Series - Bulk Seed Tenders

    Meridian - Model 110 Series - Bulk Seed Tenders

    The 110 BST is built for the farmer who farms up to 500 acres and for retailer rental use. The 110 BST has a compact design and can easily be loaded into a truck box if you choose not to purchase the T6000ST trailer. This unit works best when handling commodities like corn, beans, wheat and oats.

  • Agriculture - Augers

  • Meridian - Conventional Augers – Heavy Duty Grain Auger

    Meridian - Conventional Augers – Heavy Duty Grain Auger

    There’s nothing conventional about our Conventional augers. They’re constructed as durable, versatile pieces of equipment that can handle almost any situation. Its frame design allows for better weight distribution and increased stability while reliable, heavy-duty parts deliver unparalleled performance. In fact, when you compare these augers with the competition, they’re about as unconventional and industry leading as you can get.

  • Agriculture - Conveyors

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    A leader in grain handling equipment innovation and manufacturing for over 60 years, Meridian is focused on helping our customers work safely and more efficiently. Our conveyors attest to this and boast new product features that will help get the job done season after season. Meridian conveyors come equipped with a cross cleated belt, designed to handle your produce more gently, virtually eliminating cleat 'vacuum' at the discharge end. Our conveyors...

  • Agriculture - Storage Pod

  • Meridian - Storage Pod

    Meridian - Storage Pod

    Convenience is what it’s all about. The Seed Master 400 offers the best design to store your commodities conveniently during the high demand season that often leaves you short on time.  Meridian’s workmanship sets the standard of excellence in the industry and the Seed Master 400 is no exception.  This heavy duty compartment design has an all steel construction with a powder coat finish and weather tight gate and lid systems to...