Tri County Tractor Ltd.

Tri County Tractor in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia is a new Kioti tractor representative offering you new tractors, hauling trailers, and equipment. Our products are built heavy and tough to ensure you get your work done. Contact us for reliable, hardworking products, including our new tractors.

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10592 Airport Stretch , Yarmouth , Nova Scotia B5A4A8 Canada

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Locally (one state or province)

Outstanding Service
We understand the difficulty in trying to by all things related to tractors and equipment. That's why over the years we have become the first choice in the industry. Dedication to your needs, reliable service, and convenience is why we have distinguished ourselves amongst the crowd.

Affordable & Durable
All of our products are offered at the lowest prices to ensure your satisfaction. No matter how low our prices go, we guarantee our products are still the best on the market.

Used Tractors & Equipment
To ensure the best prices and newest products, our inventory changes on a daily basis. So when you're ready to make a visit to our location, be sure to call ahead and see what we have in stock. Grab our tractors and equipment when you can, because there you might have to wait awhile until we restock.