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  • Striker - Multi-Spindled Rotary Mower

    Striker - Multi-Spindled Rotary Mower

    Trimax Striker is a multi-spindled rotary mower with low maintenance requirements that incorporates a unique baffle design for improved grass distribution and less clumping. Designed for tractors in the 25-35hp range, Striker has Trimax LazerBladez™ fitted as standard and has full-width front-and-rear rollers which produce an attractive striped pattern and guard against scalping. Designed to withstand tough conditions Striker has variable height...

  • FlailDekFX -  Sandard Factory-Fitted Rotary Mower

    FlailDekFX - Sandard Factory-Fitted Rotary Mower

    The Trimax FlailDekFX offers a high performance alternative to the sandard factory-fitted rotary mowing attachments found on John Deere, Kubota, Iseki, New Holland, Shibaura and Hustler out-front tractors. The ability to deliver an exceptionally clean cut and disperse clippings safely. FlailDekFX is suitable for sports grounds, roadsides, schools, parks and other fine turf applications.