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  • TrinoVation - Model Hurricane - Manure Spreader

    TrinoVation - Model Hurricane - Manure Spreader

    The Hurricane manure spreader is a heavy duty spreader that is designed to handle all types of manures: semi-solid, poultry litter, industrial sludges, composts, and waste products. The uniquely designed rotor and blade pattern allows you to spread all types of manure without needing to change to a spinner deck rear end. The spreader is designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture and customwork.The robust body construction means that the...

  • TrinoVation - Drag-Hose

    TrinoVation - Drag-Hose

    Off-set hitch. Free-wheel clutch & brake. Wheel options. Front/rear guide roller. Removable rear hitch. Tool box with mesh base. Wider drum, up-to 12 hoses. 8-10 hose. Lights. Rear arm loader. On coiler hyd controls.

  • TrinoVation - Manure Injectors

    TrinoVation - Manure Injectors

    Standard equipment: Rotary chopper distributor. Full length retractable swing arm. Straight, to 2'' wavy discs. Hydraulic folding. Swivel double coulters. Heavy construction. 4-6'' feed pipework. Liquid filled frame. Ball recovery hatch.

  • TrinoVation - Mudslide Trailers

    TrinoVation - Mudslide Trailers

    The Mudslide construction trailer uses a modern design to optimize strength and capacity.Using the latest press breaking technology we engineer the strength into our trailer without adding unnecessary weight and with intelligent use of materials we create a unique monocoque construction. The Mudslide trailer has a longstanding reputation for strength and durability. With an impressive array of standard features and a wide choice of options you...

  • TrinoVation - Model Razor - Road Grader - Land Leveler

    TrinoVation - Model Razor - Road Grader - Land Leveler

    The Razor is an innovative road and construction site leveler that achieves precision leveling through its dual multi-position blades. These blades, along with the Razor's longer working length, remove the ripple effect from the working surface and eliminates washboard and dips. The Razor is designed to require virtually no adjustment during use which allows for minimal driver training and fatigue. Use the Razor to shave away the rough and leave...