TROPICAL GARDEN ECUADOR is a family owned Ecuadorian-German company. Our 200 hectares plantation, located along the Equatorial Line, has 15 hectares dedicated to the planting and cultivation of Heliconias, Hanging Heliconias, Ginger, and aesthetic foliage.

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La Marujita - km 200 Via a Quininde , Esmeraldas , Ecuador

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)

Tropical Garden is a family owned Ecuadorian-German company. 
Our 200 hectares / 494 acre plantation has 15 hectares / 37 acres dedicated to the planting and cultivation of Heliconias, Hanging Heliconias, Ginger, and aesthetic foliage.

Our plantation is located within the Esmeraldas rainforest, precisely along the Equatorial Line (Latitude 0). The geographic location combined with a state-of-the-art irrigation system, guarantees excellent growing conditions throughout the entire year for the variety of flowers and provide them with the brightest and deepest colors in our flowers and foliages.

Flowers and foliage, once harvested in the field, are transported to the packing facility along a wire-line, keeping stems constantly hydrated. This system is one of the principal reasons that our flowers have an extraordinary vase life.


  • It is important to mention that we cut your flowers AFTER receiving your purchasing order. 

  • We do not keep an inventory of ready-made boxes. This fact in itself, assures the freshness of the flowers.

  • The variety of packing combinations (single & mixed boxes) can suit any client's need.

  • We have fixed prices all year-round (no surprises during peak demand periods). 
Our fields, under sunny skies, warm and humid weather, provide the optimal conditions to produce Heliconias, most of which were originally obtained in the Amazon Jungle, where they grow wild and free.
As our world progresses, we are aware of world climate changes, and have designated 30 hectare / 74 acres of our pasture land to cultivate Teak, hard word trees that constantly deliver fresh oxygen to the planet’s atmosphere which faces ever growing problems related to pollution.
At the farm, workers are aware of the importance they have in the production chain. They are very motivated, happy, and proud of the flowers and bouquets they deliver to the world’s most demanding markets.