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  • Troutex - Rainbow Trout Ova

    Troutex - Rainbow Trout Ova

    Troutex supplies high quality organic rainbow trout ova from the first registered organic farm in Skandinavia – Piledal Dambrug. It was registered already in 2012. The production of organic ova starts up in December and finishes in June, which means we can deliver up to 7 months of the year. The production takes place without the use of photoperiod. The long supply period has been achieved using only good breeding practices. The production of...

  • Special Trout Ova

    Troutex supplies a wide range of special trout ova in the season. Below are the two most common species – other species on request. Order well in advance, as supplies are limited.

  • Brown Trout Ova

    Brown Trout Ova

    Salmo Trutta Fario: Our brown trout comes with a beautiful shape and a nice clear red spot. It is a fast growing strain and very attractive for sport angling. Favoured by Put and Take fisheries. We are able to deliver high quality and disease free eggs from mid December to mid March.

  • Sparctic Trout ova

    Sparctic Trout ova

    Female: Salvinus Fontinalis, Male Salvinus salvinus: Cross breed between Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) and Lake (Artic) Char (Salvelinus salvelinus).  A beautiful fish commonly known not to be sensitive to VHS. Our strain has a good growth rate, although this type of fish does not grow as fast as rainbow trout. Also be aware, that the fish does not tolerate high water temperatures above 18 degrees in the summer. We can offer a limited...