Troutlodge, Inc. is the world’s leading supplier of trout eggs. Each year we produce over 500 million trout eggs and ship them to customers in over 60 countries. We are part of the Hendrix Genetics family of companies. Hendrix Genetics is a world leading multi-species animal breeding and genetics company with major brands in turkeys, layers, pigs, traditional poultry as well as Atlantic salmon, shrimp and trout. We use both quantitative and molecular genetics to achieve superior performing trout. We offer all-female and triploid trout eggs each week of the year. In addition, we supply live Rainbow trout to public and private institutions in the Pacific Northwest. We invite you to visit our website, and earn more about how you can benefit from Troutlodge products and services.

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PO Box 1290 , Sumner , Washington 98390 USA

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Globally (various continents)
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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

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Headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest USA - the native home to the rainbow trout - Troutlodge, Inc. has grown from its humble beginnings as a producer of trout for the local food markets to become the world's leading supplier of live trout eggs.  Each year, Troutlodge produces about 500 million trout eggs and delivers those eggs to customers in over 60 countries.  Troutlodge is also the Pacific Northwest's largest private supplier of live trout. Today, customers in nearly every state and over 60 countries around the world benefit from the products and services of Troutlodge.

Founded in 1945 by friends Ed McLeary and Ken Drew, Troutlodge has continuously grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of its customers. In the USA, Troutlodge has grown to include a total of 8 facilities located in the states of Washington and Idaho, including its original home at the headwaters of the Rocky Ford Creek. In addition, Troutlodge owns and operates freshwater subsidiaries in the Isle of Man and a Hendrix Genetics subsidiary produces trout eggs in Chile. Troutlodge Chile was founded in 1996, and the Isle of Man operations began in 2007 with the purchase of the Glen Wyllin Trout Farm site. This expansion onto the Isle of Man gave Troutlodge its first production sites in Europe.  Moreover, Troutlodge has developed Joint Venture production of trout eggs in Iran and is seeking to produce eggs in other important trout egg markets.

All of the Troutlodge facilities, both freshwater and marine, enable the company to take advantage of ideal water conditions for the growth and maintenance of its broodstock, and are strategically located to better serve the company's global markets.

Over the years, Troutlodge has developed four distinct strains of trout, allowing it to produce and ship eggs every week of the year without the use of photoperiod manipulation. These strains have selected to achieve rapid growth rates, high survival rates, excellent feed conversion rates and Troutlodge is working on enhance reistance in our trout to specific pathogens such as Flavobacterium spp. the causitive agent of bacterial cold water disease, rainbow trout fry sydrome and columnaris.  

After growing to international prominence under the leadership and direction of the McLeary family, Troutlodge was purchased in 2005 by a group of investors led by its top management. Subsequently, in 2014, Hendrix Genetics purchased all of the remaining shares of Troutlodge and now wholly ownsn Troutlodge. Troutlodge now benefits from the research and technology engine at Hendrix Genetics.  The science of animal genetics involves the study genes in relation to trait performance. Troutlodge applies animal genetics to improve the trout industry by producing more efficient and sustainable stock, one-step at a time. We improve each generation by selecting the best performing animals to become parents of the next generation. The parents pass their genes on to their offspring, making them, on average, better than the previous generation. Troutlodge gathers information on individual and family performances and we predict desirable mating outcomes by using sophisticated mathematical models and DNA information. We use innovative technologies to gather, compute and process the differences between animals and predict their values, before they are even born.  Troutlodge uses the genetics prorgram to continually improve upon the quality and value of our eggs and live fish.  Further, Troutlodge employs a rigorous biosecurity program and fish health program that work together to maintain our certified disease-free status of all eggs shipped from Troutlodge.  We also use independent audits to ensure we acheive our goals, target and objectives and we have earned GlobalGAP certification each year for the past four years. -- 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017/2018.


Troutlodge employs 60 people in its global operations, and annually ships over 500 million salmonid eggs around the world. In addition, it supplies millions of live fish to public and private entities throughout the states of Washington and Idaho.


Our mission is to maximize our customers' profitability and potential through the continual supply of superior selectively-bred certified pathogen-free eggs and fish.


Our focus is to create value for our customers by providing on a year-round basis superior selectively-bred certified pathogen-free eggs and fish for the global aquaculture industry. 


  • Sustainabilty: Aply anmial breeding and genetics to ensure trout are produced efficiently and thus with reduced environmental impact.  We must opeate to protect people, animals and our planet and we must operate to taht today's activities do not compromise the abilty of future generations to meet their needs.
  • Value Creation: We apply innovation and genetic solutions to improve teh animal protein value chain. leaders that will grow this company and move the industry forward.
  • Collaboration: We use an extensive network of scientists in Universities, Government Institutions, feed companies, equipment suppliers and customers to continually improve what we do, how we do it, and our final products and services.
  • Innovation: Troutlodge and Hendrix Genetics continually innovates to drive rapid value creation.  We identify genetic solutions to achieve sustainable profitabilty of customers.  We now apply Genomic Selection technology to make rapid improvement in trout performance.