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  • John Deere - Model 9360R - Four-Wheel-Drive Tractors

    John Deere - Model 9360R - Four-Wheel-Drive Tractors

    With up to 560 engine hp, up to 20,000-pound hitch-lift capacity, and up to 78 gpm hydraulic flow, the new 9R/9RT Series Tractors give you the power and the attitude to be the best at what you do — and that’s getting every job done faster than ever. What’s more, the refined PowerShift transmission with new Efficiency Manager™ will help you get it all done with less diesel. And the spacious CommandView™ II Cab...

  • John Deere - Model 1590 - No-Till Box Drills

    John Deere - Model 1590 - No-Till Box Drills

    These openers are so effective, we’ve sold more than one million since their introduction. They slice through residue with ease, while delivering accurate seed placement. No more guessing how much seed is left. A seed level indicator is used on plain grain boxes and is visible from the tractor seat. Easily avoid expensive overlaps and skips and watch efficiency improve by adding bi-fold markers to your 1590. Available on the 15-foot and 20-foot...

Products by H & S Manufacturing, Inc

  • Beet Carts

    Beet Carts

    Eliminate Trucks in the Field, especially during muddy harvest conditions.  Speed up Harvests - available in the 20, 24, 30, 35 ton cart with the scrub boom - in various configurations.

  • Broadcast Sprayers

    Broadcast Sprayers

    Our Sprayers can be customized to fit many different applications & planter configurations.  Booms can be folded completely from the cab!  Many different tire options available.  Sprayer will accommodate sizes up to and including 54' tires.

  • Grab Roll Machine

    Grab Roll Machine

    &S Manufacturing can refurbish: 5” tubes with ¼” plastic,  5 ½” tubes with ½” plastic, 6 5/8” tubes with ¼” plastic

  • Planter Attachments

    Planter Attachments

    H & S Manufacturing, Inc offers 3 types of planter attachments including: V-Plow Attachment - Used to remove dry, lumpy ground and allows the Beet Seed to be planted in moist ground for a better stand.    Available in both rigid & spring loaded models.

  • Rowcrop Cultivators

    Rowcrop Cultivators

    A well balanced cultivator which is available in either 2 point or pull type. The pull type cultivator allows the use of a smaller 2 wheel drive tractor.  This sure tracking, ease of use cultivator will be a must for any farming operation.

  • Rowcrop Ditcher

    Rowcrop Ditcher

    H & S Row Crop is proud to offer our Row Crop Ditcher. It is effective with elimination of damning in low areas, and has Baskets for additional weight.racket for front mount weights.Overall the Row Crop Ditcher is a dependable low cost solution to field drainage.

  • Ridger


    Built to last with strong 7x7x1/4'' double bar. Double folding Hinge. 6x16 gauge wheel. High Tension spring to maintain constant pitch on shovel. Individual Unit adjustment for precise depth control.

  • Deridger


    24 Row with 22' Spacing Tool to deridge prior to spring planting