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  • Techno Bale

  • Model 960  - Techno Bale

    Model 960 - Techno Bale

    Technobale 960 carries eight 4 ft. bales on the bed and one additional bale on the loader arm.

  • Bale Feeder

  • Tubeline - Model SL - Bale Feeder

    Tubeline - Model SL - Bale Feeder

    Handling the bales is safe and easy with the built-in hydraulic bale loader. This safe loading system allows you to easily load the first bale onto the feeder tray then spear a second for more feeding with fewer trips and less maneuvering. The Tubeline Chainless Bale Feeder works as well in the field as it does in the barn, allowing you more freedom to decide when and where to feed your livestock while saving you time. Talk to your Tubeline dealer for...

  • Model 3PH - 3-Point-Hitch Bale Feeder

    Model 3PH - 3-Point-Hitch Bale Feeder

    The innovative 3-point hitch design allows you to load and feed round bales without getting off the tractor. Attached to the tractor is the spearing unit which also houses the hydraulic drives. Once the bale is placed on the tray, simply slide the two prongs into the tray unit, locking it into place. The hydraulics automatically link together, enabling the rotors to turn and the tray to raise and lower. The 3PH model Bale Feeder is also available with...

  • Model S - Stationary Bale Feeder

    Model S - Stationary Bale Feeder

    Farmers and cash-croppers are benefiting from the unique design of the stationary model of Bale Feeder by easily and quickly unrolling large square and round bales for preparing feed or re-baling into smaller bales. Take your crop off the field efficiently during good weather with large bales. Then with the Bale Feeder and a baler, reprocess the bales into small bales inside, without worrying about rain. This is ideal for efficient cash-crop...

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  • Accelerator


    The Accelerator’s easy operation conditions hay by simply running it through adjustable steel crimping rollers, up to 15 mph. This process cracks the hay stems without knocking off the leaves. Conditioning also fluffs the hay, allowing air to flow through the swath, for faster and more even drying from top to bottom. Speed up your operation with the Tubeline Accelerator producing better hay, faster drying time and bigger profits. Contact your...