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  • Portable Handling System

    Portable Handling System

    Parallel axis sides (both sides come in  evenly so cow doesn't fall to side). Adjustments from 16' to 32'. Quick advance butt-bar to help move  forward & prevent animal from kicking. Ribbed checker plate floor, for easy  cleaning. Two Bi-fold Alley doors. One lever adjust alley way (from 31' to 20'). 8.5', 3-way exit. Cornerless Crowding Tub. Built-in panel carrier. Bult-in easy climb, catwalk. Grease zerks for most moving parts....

  • Squeeze Chute

    Squeeze Chute

    Automatic headgate (spring-cushioned). Includes Bi-Fold door and palpation cage. Neck-extender. Parallel axis sides. Adjust from 32' to 16'. Full open side (for maximum room to work on animal). Smooth open/close drop bars. Quick advance butt-bar to help move forward and prevent animals from kicking. Ribbed checkerplate floor. Sternum Bar. Total Lenght : 12'.

  • Hoof Trimming Chute

    Hoof Trimming Chute

    This unit accomodates :Hoof trimming,Hoof wrapping,PG testing,DA,AI. Approx. Weight: 1100 lbs.Dimensions: W- 3'4' H- 7' L- 8'6'.Heavy Duty Automatic Headgate.Removable Sides.Brake Winches. Left front Leglift.Rear Leglift

  • Head Gate - Neck Extender

    Head Gate - Neck Extender

    Provides great access to the injection area Helps prevent the animal from moving back and breaking needle. All chutes are available with the new neck extender. Works automatically with self catch headgate.