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  • Brushing

  • Tummers - Horizontal Brushing Machine and U-brusher

    Tummers - Horizontal Brushing Machine and U-brusher

    Industrial stainless steel brush, cleaning and/or peeling machine for potatoes and tubers. The machine is fitted with suitable brush types, depending on the product to be processed. A horizontally placed screw facilitates movement of the product through the machine. The resting time of the product in the machine and the brush result can be adjusted with a frequency converter. The innovative Dry Peel Remover with Zic-Zac technique can also be used as...

  • Sorting

  • Tummers - Dry Soil Remover

    Tummers - Dry Soil Remover

    Industrial stainless steel machine for removing soil from potatoes and tubers. This machine is used to remove soil, stones and other pollution from the product before it is washed, thereby reducing the strain on the washer and ensuring that less water is needed for washing.

  • Roller Dryers

  • Tummers - Roller Dryer

    Tummers - Roller Dryer

    After thorough rinsing with water excess moisture must be removed from the potatoes or tubers, without affecting the properties of the product. The stainless steel Tummers Methodic potato dryer can be used for this purpose. The product is transported on rollers with an absorbent felt layer. Below that an additional roller set wrings moisture from the top felt rollers. Tummers Methodic roller dryers are designed to ensure that products can be fed at a...

  • Flake Lines

  • Tummers - Dosing Hopper for Potatoes

    Tummers - Dosing Hopper for Potatoes

    The stainless steel Tummers Methodic Dosing Hopper evenly feeds potatoes from storage onto the production line to produce potato flakes. Conveyor belts can be used for transporting from warehouses or bunkers (short distance) or water troughs (long distance). A pump system at the end of the water gutter tilts the potatoes into the Dosing Hopper.