Turbo Reel Irrigation

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  • Idrofoglia - Model G1.1 63200 - Irrigators

    Idrofoglia - Model G1.1 63200 - Irrigators

    Features: Efficient turbine drive mounted in monobloc with the gearbox; 4 speed gearbox; Safety devices for PTO and rewinding out of the drum; Moving transmission to the reel through toothed crown of huge diameter; Leadscrew hose layering device; Automatic and manual by-pass; Speed control; Pressure gauge and hours meters; Huge diameter ball 360° turntable; Mechanical trolley lift and staker legs; Supplementary staker legs on the...

  • RM - Model 790GX - Irrigators

    RM - Model 790GX - Irrigators

    Hydraulic turbine with shuttered flow and built-in by-pass: it guarantees continuous operation without tearing even when the water contains considerable impurities. Constructed without filters, there is minimum loss of pressure, enabling even cess pool contents to be sprayed. Operations: all motor reduction units are closed in a oil-bathed case patend RM on which the driving levers are placed. Turbine mounted on the gearbox (4 speed). Power...