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  • Wilms Heaters

    Wilms Heaters

    Wilms UK specialise in all aspects of mobile heating, from our Val6 Radiant 240V/110V heater to Indirect Fired Heaters, running on Diesel, Gas, Electricity or Paraffin.

  • Diesel Pressure Washers

    Diesel Pressure Washers

    TWorkshop Equipment builds the “Challenger” cold water mobile diesel engined high pressure washer. The machine is fitted with high reliability 9 horse power Suntom engine. It has electric start, gear box and Hawk pump. The unit delivers 3000 psi, 200 bar at 16 litres per minute. All of this is built onto a robust chassis with large wheels for enhanced mobility. The washer can either take water from the mains supply or draw it in from a...