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  • Transmitters

  • Tyro Fornax - Model Basic - Transmitters

    Tyro Fornax - Model Basic - Transmitters

    In the development process of the Fornax remote, the wishes and experiences from practical experience were taken central. The focus was providing a professional tool to work with, even for the less professional users. In short: a professional remote control without unnecessary features. This is how Tyro Fornax came into existence.

  • Receivers

  • Tyro Aquarius  - Forestry Receiver

    Tyro Aquarius - Forestry Receiver

    The popular Aquarius is a robust, reliable receiver that is highly resistant against external influences. The compact molded housing makes it 100% waterproof (IP68), strong and extremely reliable receiver. In addition to that the vibrations are dampened and absorbed by the shock-and impact-resistant - housing.