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  • UCELSILO - Elevator Tower

    UCELSILO - Elevator Tower

    Every kind of elevator tower can be manufactured in accordance with the systematical project. Towers can be manufactured by using angle brackets, pipes or box profile regarding the project. Galvanized type manufacturing is essential.

  • UCELSILO - Chained Conveyor

    UCELSILO - Chained Conveyor

    Galvanized manufacturing is essential. (Steinless or painted manufacturing is optional) Between 20-300m3 manufacturing spectrum. Easy assembly and disassembly. (Bolted connections on all parts) Chains with durability against high level of break-off tension. Long live FAG/INA bearing recess.

  • UCELSILO - Clappes

    UCELSILO - Clappes

    Galvanized manufacturing is essential. (Steinless or galvanized manufacturing is optional) Ideal design for not blocking the grain’s flow. Possibility of operating electrical covers via the central control board (electrical cover)