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  • UdderOne - Liners and Shells

    UdderOne - Liners and Shells

    Available in square or round, vented or non-vented, UdderOne liners are available loaded into a clear, break resistant polycarbonate shell offering reduced mistakes, reduced labor costs and allow workers to absorb a clean complete milk-out.

  • Transparent Technology

    Transparent Technology

    UdderOne is an all clear teatcup liner manufactured using polyurethane chemistry. The shells are manufactured using virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. A perfect combination of light weight, strength and clarity. The liner is the only component of the milking process to come in contact with the cows teats. Wouldn’t you want to see what your liner is doing? You can now with UdderOne liners, shells, hoses and jetter cups. Taking the guess work...