Our Company, which was founded in Manisa in 1971, has been operating in its facilities ( 17.000 m 2 closed and 30.000 m 2 open area) since 1977 with its trained and qualified employees. All the technological improvements are followed via fairs, catalogues and Internet. Customer needs are first realized in 3d modeling and then our qualified personnel carry out the related project. All the raw materials that we use while manufacturing our products are supplied from the recognized companies in Turkey and all are certified and have the required quality. Also, our Company, itself, has the potential to produce any kind of raw material needed for the projects. To prevent corrosion and to obtain better physical appearance, all the pieces are shot blasted before dyeing process.

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Üçtepeler Mevkii , Muradiye MANÝSA , Turkey

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Internationally (various countries)
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In 1971, Manisa- Turkey ' well established company , from 1997 until 13,000 m² and 20,000 m² of open space with a factory plow types and other tillage tools to produce highly trained and experienced staff to continue.

All sectoral innovation , trade fairs, catalogs and the Internet is monitored through . Customer requests designed in a 3D environment , are designed by experienced and trained staff .

The raw materials we use in our products in Turkey 's leading firms and their products , all certified and is the desired quality requirements . Our company also projects that may arise as a result of the potential to make it generated all kinds of raw materials is the sahib .

All components of the paint to prevent corrosion and the pre- image to make it better is passed from blasting operations . In our company , our facilities are available paints and powder coatings to increase the quality of our aims every day .

To meet immediate customer service , in terms of statistical information in accordance with all of our products , periodic inventories are scheduled . Be followed at every stage of the process of technological innovation and implementation in the factory , our ability to provide the best service to our customers every day arttırmaktadır.s

Plows and other products that are subject to wear all parts pre- determining stage of the project by our experienced team is passed through the heat treatment process . This in turn, serve to our products longer provides customers .