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  • Rubbers Machines

  • Cherry De-Stalker

    Cherry De-Stalker

    Unit for taking off the stalks from the fresh cherries. Fruits have to be evenly charged on whole work width of the initial batch from where are transported in direction of rollers covered with rubber which are rotating backwards. On the strength of specially shaped knifes which are moving forward-backward and rotation of berries, all stalks and leafs are removed from the product. Rollers are supported on plastic bearings and powered one-sided by the...

  • Mixing Frozen Machines

  • Drum Mixer for Frozen Product

    Drum Mixer for Frozen Product

    Unit used to mix frozen fruits and vegetables: One time charge:.250 kg (thickness of the product not less than 700 kg/m3). Capacity of the mixing drum : 3 m3. Mixing capacity: 1,61 (in complete work cycle 8 mm. for 1 portion). Security' level of electrical installation IP65 (motoreductor in the hermetical box). Loading height: 1300. Unloading height: 900. Mixer type: open, horizontal. Putting charge through the hole on one side of the drum, flood...

  • Polishers, Rubbers, Peelers, Cleaning Vegetables

  • Cleaning Root Vegetables - Polishers

    Cleaning Root Vegetables - Polishers

    Unit used for brush cleaning-polishing root vegetables. The good cleaning requires the initial washing in a drum washer. Product charged into the charge basket is taken by the set of rotating brashes which create rotating dram. Inside the washing chamber are installed water sprinklers. During the drum rotation product is grazing against each other and the brashes. Collected dirt and impurities does not clog the brashes and with the water are...

  • Peelers: Brush, Corundum, Corundum-Brush

    Peelers: Brush, Corundum, Corundum-Brush

    Corundum peeler is used to rub the vegetables skin after initial washing: potato, carrot, beet, celery etc. Product from charge basket is taken by the horizontal screw which is moving it under rotating rollers covered with corundum. Inside the chamber there is the water spray installed to help washing processed product and flush down the peelings to the filtration screw. Impurities with water are taken by the filtration screw transporter, mounted on...

  • Vacuum Chamber

  • Vacuum Chamber

    Vacuum Chamber

    Unit used to saturate champignons with water or other preservatives to defined technological parameters.