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  • Strawberry Machinery

  • Horizontal Screw Blancher Unit

    Horizontal Screw Blancher Unit

    HORIZONTAL SCREW BLANCHER – Unit for fast process using high temperature for vegetables, mushrooms to inactivate oxidized enzymes, preserve color, dispense airborne microbes, increase taste values and digestibility. After blanching it is advisable to cool down quickly (additional unit) to acquire product temperature which is suitable for further technological process ex. freezing. Unit made in shape of horizontal pipe with rotating perforated...

  • Skew Screw Blancher Unit

    Skew Screw Blancher Unit

    SKEW SCREW BLANCHER - Unit used for blanching vegetables, mushrooms. After blanching it is advisable to cool down quickly (additional unit with cold water sprinklers in skew screw output section) to acquire the product temperature suitable for the further technological process ex. freezing. Unit made in shape of the skew pipe with the rotating screw inside immersed partly in water. (Water level inside the channel is set by charge basket height and...

  • Strawberry Potato, Carrots, Beet Machinery

  • Rotary Table

    Rotary Table

    Rotary table as a products buffer. The product e.g. in the form of small packages of fresh vegetables for the purpose of further packaging or storage in the larger containers accordingly to the table - rotates with the disc. Employees receive handmade product for further processing or packaging operations. Power feed of a rotating disc centrally underneath - by motoreductor.. Depending on the diameter of the table (pictured disc Φ 3 m, for manual...

  • Roller Inspection Table

    Roller Inspection Table

    The device is designed for the inspection-sorting of the round shaped raw material (potato, beet, onion, carrot, cucumber, etc.). Set of the rotating rollers rolling on the treadmill. The rollers associated with the chain on both sides. Gear wheels drive the chains - pulling them, and thus the rollers which roll on the lower raceway, to rotate. On the edges along the sides there is a gap for the waste. Wastes fall into the pull-out drawer (between the...

  • Broccoli & Cauliflower Machinery

  • Belt Blancher Unit

    Belt Blancher Unit

    The unit is used to the vegetables blanching and cooling using the outside air. Cooling occurs when the water evaporates from the product surface. Final temperature depends on the air temperature, we assume that the product temperature is higher by about 10 0C from the air blowing on the product in air cooling zone. To cool down the product additionally we can use the ice water +2 0C.

  • Plum Machinery

  • Size Grading Vibrator

    Size Grading Vibrator

    Size Grading Vibrator used to sorting the frozen fruits and vegetables on the hole or slotted sieves which are interchangeable. Way of disposing layers (sieve under sieve/sieve after sieve) and their amount (1-4) and also size of the hole or gap to be agreed.