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  • Uniform - Herd Management Software

    Uniform - Herd Management Software

    The core product of UNIFORM-Agri is the herd management software for dairy cows. We provide the complete herd management package for the dairy farmer. With quick one screen data entry UNIFORM controls the day to day administration and management reporting requirements for the herd. The Dashboard highlights the events that are due to happen, cows that require attention and key performance indicators give a clear overview of the Herd’s targets and...

  • Uniform - Farm Management Apps

    Uniform - Farm Management Apps

    The UNIFORM farm management app is the clever new way to access your herd data anywhere on the farm using your Android or IOS Smartphone or Tablet. Using our tried and tested Farmers Finger Interface the big icons make it easy for farmers to navigate to their cow and youngstock records and enter information away from the office PC. So the App is a real practical farm management app.

  • Uniform - Animal Data Exchange Mobile Software

    Uniform - Animal Data Exchange Mobile Software

    This module is designed for customers with farms or rearing units on different geographical sites that need to move animals between their units. The Animal Data Exchange module allows the animals to be sent with a memory stick or an email and these animals can then be automatically enrolled with all of their previous reproduction and health history attached. This is a perfect tool to save time on administration and retain historical information.

  • Uniform - Big Farm Modules Software

    Uniform - Big Farm Modules Software

    The UNIFORM-Big Farm modules are required for larger herds when you are using UNIFORM software, and provide a ‘go-faster’ performance tool and special group reports that are essential for managing large herds.

  • Two Way Links Processcomputers

    Two Way Links Processcomputers

    UNIFORM-Agri has developed powerful two-way links to processcomputers with the leading milking manufacturers. We are able to provide a management system that communicates with different processors so there is no need to enter data into different on-farm systems. This sensor information from single or multiple processors can then be included into one combined action list, so all your valuable data is accessible in one management program.