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  • Electro Chemical Activated (ECA) Solution

    Electro Chemical Activated (ECA) Solution

    Electro Chemical Activated water kills micro-organisms in a short contact time. Slime, algae, fungus, and plant pathogens are removed from water systems by adding a relative small percentage of ECA Solution to the irrigation water. In addition, root and fungus diseases in the substrate are removed with ECA Solution. If added to vase water the life of cut flowers is prolonged. ECA Solution is non toxic, environmentally friendly and biological farmers...

  • UT - Cloth Filter Unit

    UT - Cloth Filter Unit

    The 'UT cloth filter unit' filters algae, plant material, etc. from drain water up to 20 μm. The filter does not need to be cleaned.

  • Sand Filter Systems

    Sand Filter Systems

    UT build filter units have proved themselves as reliable, save and durable for filtering water for general and greenhouse use. The modern automatic self cleaning screen filter and long proved sand filter systems are built with a manual screen filter before the drip system as an extra save guard. Both filters can handle any contaminations preventing your drippers from clogging up. Normally that means taking out anything bigger than 50 micron from the...