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  • Traceability

    Being always aware of where your products are is indispensable. This is why a specific software has been developed for allowing traceability of the products. Fruit can also be laser marked, and in this case each fruit can be stamped with the lot number. Laser marking cannot be falsified, it can be invisible and does not compromise product integrity and quality in any way.

  • Production Management System

    Production Management System

    Unisorting offers a range of systems and technologies designed to facilitate production management in its different processing stages. The production control system simplifies the processing cycles for the purchasing and order execution stages. It also allows you to adjust the lines to the needs of each customer. In this way the specific customer requirements can be met in a short time and with great precision, without using manual controls and with...

  • Palletization

    Our automatic palletizers can stack all packaging on standard pallets and half pallets. The benefit of this is that you can rapidly palletize even small quantities, thus saving space, to respond quickly and flexibly to the specific needs of your customers. The stacked pallets can also be provided with 4 or 5 corner protections and can be secured several times as needed.

  • Strapping Machine

    Strapping Machine

    Ensuring the stability of every pallet is fundamental before shipping the packaged pallets. This result is always guaranteed with “RGT 4”.

  • Bins Filling

    Placing the sorted fruit in the bins is a fundamental part of the fruit pre-sorting stage. Unisorting offers various solutions depending on the product and on the characteristics of each different variety of fruit. We have developed fully automatic, or semi-automatic technologies for this activity. This is necessary to respond to every specific bins filling requirement of our customers. The Unisorting technology provides 3 solutions for the filling stage.

  • Bins Dry Filler

    Bins Dry Filler

    Automatic multi-function filler for different types of products and different sizes of bins.

  • Emptying

    The feeding stage of each processing line needs technologies for the wet or dry emptying of the fruit containers (bins and boxes). We have provided a specific solution for each type of container and also for each type of product.

  • Fruit Disinfection System

    Fruit Disinfection System

    Fruit shelf-life is a highly strategic element in our industry. In Unisorting we have developed a technology that greatly reduces the bacterial load present on the peel of the fruit. And this prevents the development of fruit degradation processes due to rot and mold. Pesticide residues on the peel of the fruit are also significantly reduced. The Shine Pure system also improves fruit appearance, because fruit is cleaner and shinier, as if it had been...