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  • Complete Systems

    Given the single European market and the mass production the key to success is in quality assurance. To have quality under control, means to measure and to be able to express it by means of reliable and recognized indexes. We develop and supply complete systems to offer companies a powerful and inexpensive tool for quality control, to assure that quality results in best price.

  • FirmTech - Model FT7 - Softfruit Firmness Measurement Instrument

    FirmTech - Model FT7 - Softfruit Firmness Measurement Instrument

    'Soft fruit' - complete-system consisting of Firmtech FT7 for non-destructive firmness-measurement for cherries, blueberries, etc. -... Including turntable and flat stamp - cable Firmtech FT7 - PC - power supply for 220 V connection - tools for turntable and Stamp Exchange - Getting Started Guide - incl. FruitSoft7 database for operating systems from MS-Windows 7 on. FruitSoft7 database is a powerful tool for data-aquision and evaluation. Direct...