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  • Firmness Measurement

    Fruit penetrometers are used in agriculture to determine the firmness of fruit. Firmness, starch and sugar content are used to determine the ripeness index (i.e. according to Dr. Streif). There are analoge and digital penetrometers, handsets and automatic devices. (Source: wikipedia). UP GmbH offers both manually operated, as well as motor-driven measurement systems for detecting the firmness, which can work both destructive and non-destructive.

  • Cherry-Zipper - Mobile Device

    Cherry-Zipper - Mobile Device

    Cherryzipper - a mobile device to measure the holding force between fruit and stem. The device is to be hold with one hand, measurements are transmitted to the rugged PDA via Bluetooth. Delivery includes spare battery, charger, carrying case. Measurement range: 0...max. 2000g.

  • Model Typ GS-15 - GS15 Fruit Texture Analyzer FTA

    Model Typ GS-15 - GS15 Fruit Texture Analyzer FTA

    Fruit Texture Analyzer FTA Typ GS-15 with following features: Measurement range: 50..15000g, Non-repeatability: 0,5%, Speed of probe: 1..40 mm/sec, Maximum fruit-size: 120mm, Weight: 9kg, comes with necessary software for Windows XP or higher, possible to use with ART-Soft-Database or Fruitsoft 7.0.