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  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Rear Mowers

  • Splendimo Classic - Rear Movers

    Splendimo Classic - Rear Movers

    The simple mower with lateral drive. Fitted with a hydraulic ram for lifting into the transport and headland position. The Classic models 205 and 240 are available in HD versions. A perfect cutting pattern and an unrivalled output under all crop conditions, a compact and solid construction, fuel economy and low maintenance costs; these are the main characteristics of the Splendimo Classic mowers. The combination of a powerful lateral drive with...

  • Splendimo M - Rear Movers

    Splendimo M - Rear Movers

    A modern and very solid range of mowers featuring central suspension. Fitted with a Top Drive for the cutter bar as well as a hydraulic ram for folding into the transport position and lifting into the headland position. The new Splendimo M mowers have been improved in many ways and now excel in durability and ease of operation. The mowers, without conditioner, allow for a large flow-through of crop, making the quality of mowing and the capacity of the...

  • Splendimo MC - Rear Movers

    Splendimo MC - Rear Movers

    The well-proven mower features central suspension with easily adjustable ground pressure setting. A hydraulic ram is used for both lifting into headland position and folding. The 240 MCR features a rubber roller conditioner. All other models feature a wide conditioner rotor with nylon fingers. The comprehensive range of advanced Splendimo MC mowers with conditioner ensure highly effective crop throughput. Even in the most arduous of conditions you...

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Front Mowers

  • Splendimo F - Front Movers

    Splendimo F - Front Movers

    Front mowers with full specifications, without an Impeller conditioner. The 300 FS model features pendulum headstock and specially designed swath-formers for extras narrow swaths. All other models feature a pull type suspension with a parallelogram construction as well as a headland ram. All Splendimo disc mowers are fitted with a unique modular cutter bar. This Lely invention is made up of universal mowing units, which are directly driven by a...

  • Splendimo FC - Front Movers

    Splendimo FC - Front Movers

    The Splendimo FC front mowers have recently been considerably improved and fitted with Impeller conditioners. For most front mowers crop throughput is a problem because of the limited space available in relation to front mounting on the tractor. With the new Splendimo front mowers the wide conditioner rotors have maximum grip on the crop, which gives the mower a very large output. Due to their ingenious construction, the front mowers have remained...

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Trailed Movers

  • Splendimo P - Trailed Movers

    Splendimo P - Trailed Movers

    The biggest difference between a trailed mower and a front or rear mower is that by making use of a transport frame, weight plays much less of a role. Trailed mowers consequently have a very high specification and have the best possible contour-following system. Ideal for use with a light tractor to give perfect results under most difficult conditions.

  • Splendimo PC - Trailed Movers

    Splendimo PC - Trailed Movers

    Trailed mowers featuring Impeller conditioners. The range comprises three working widths. The mowers with conditioner feature steel flails or, in case of a type indication ‘R’ behind the name, a steel roller conditioner. The ‘S’ (Swing over) models can mow on both sides of the tractor. Uneven terrain, stony fields as well as heavy crops; those are the areas of operation for these 'trailed work horses'. Unpredictable and often...

  • Splendimo Triplo - Model 900 M/MC - Triplo Combinations

    Splendimo Triplo - Model 900 M/MC - Triplo Combinations

    The Splendimo Triplo combinations are a completely new design for the real professionals and they also guarantee an excellent mowing technique. With a net working width of 8.90 m, the Splendimo 900 M and 900 MC are the widest mowers in the Splendimo series.

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Tedding

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Raking

  • Lely Rotonde - Model 510 - Hydraulically Adjustable Windrower

    Lely Rotonde - Model 510 - Hydraulically Adjustable Windrower

    The Lely Rotonde 510 is a hydraulically adjustable windrower specifically designed for silage, hay and straw. The machine consists of two large diameter rake wheels each fitted with 16 fully floating spring steel tines. This unique rowing action gently moves and inverts the grass into a light, airy, even windrow centrally behind the tractor.

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Loading

  • Lely Tigo - Model S - Compact Loader Wagon Series

    Lely Tigo - Model S - Compact Loader Wagon Series

    Working with a loader wagon is the quickest way to harvest your crops. Loader wagons can finely chop grass and they have a large loading capacity. The optimum loading of the wagon makes haulage as efficient as possible.

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Baling

  • Lely Welger - Model AP - For Baling Hay and Straw

    Lely Welger - Model AP - For Baling Hay and Straw

    The perfect technology for baling hay and straw. Our experiences, gained in over one hundred years of business and knowledge of the most modern production technologies, are used for every single one of our balers. Tried and tested technology, stable constructions and professional processing lead to machines which cannot be beaten in terms of reliability and value for money.

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Chopping

  • Lely Storm - Model 130 P - Four Feed Rollers for Choppers

    Lely Storm - Model 130 P - Four Feed Rollers for Choppers

    Easy running, powerful and economic for cost‑effective forage harvesting. The Lely Storm 130 P combines a high crop throughput with minimal power requirements. The 130 P model can be driven from as little as 66 kW (90 hp). The four feed rollers create optimal compaction and ensure an uninterrupted and reliable crop intake. The flywheel – with a 1,300 mm diameter, 10 adjustable blades and a shear bar that can be used on both sides –...

  • Feeding

  • Lely - Model Vector - Automatic Feeding System

    Lely - Model Vector - Automatic Feeding System

    The automatic feeding system ensures that there is always enough fresh feed at the feed fence. No input is needed from you. When the feed is being pushed, the feed-height sensor detects whether more feed needs to be added. This means that you only provide feed when strictly necessary. This reduces the amount of feed waste and increases the quantity of fresh feed.

  • Cosmix - Concentrate Feeder

    Cosmix - Concentrate Feeder

    Concentrate feeder for cows that need that little bit more. By feeding according to cows’ requirements, rumen health improves and milk yield rises. The Lely Cosmix, along with the Lely Astronaut, ensures that each cow receives the portion of concentrate it needs. Cows that do not consume enough during milking, heifers and dry cows get their concentrates from the Cosmix. Thanks to the Lely Qwes cow-recognition system, the Cosmix knows precisely...

  • Model Juno - Automatically Feed Pusher System

    Model Juno - Automatically Feed Pusher System

    Pushing feed yourself is now a thing of the past. Using the Lely Juno you can program a number of routes through your barn. The software program that goes with it ensures that the correct route is followed at the correct time. This makes a difference of an average of 180 man-hours a year that can be used for other jobs. It also saves fuel because you no longer need a tractor to push feed.

  • Calm - Calf Feeder

    Calm - Calf Feeder

    For optimal growth and development from calf to dairy cow. Reduce your breeding period for calves by providing the right quality of milk at the right temperature several times a day. This promotes good health and achieves savings, in both labour and costs. The Lely Calm can provide 25 to 30 calves with fresh milk or milk powder. In this way, calves receive precisely what they need to grow and develop into cows.

  • Milking

  • Astronaut - Automatic Milking System

    Astronaut - Automatic Milking System

    A healthy and stress-free cow makes for more milk in the tank. That is why the Lely Astronaut was designed for cows. One of the features of the milking robot is the unique I-flow concept, which provides a straight route for cows. This means that the cows can easily enter and exit the robot when it is time for milking, and can be milked more rapidly, increasing the capacity of the robot.

  • Grazeway - Automatic Milking System

    Grazeway - Automatic Milking System

    The Grazeway offers outstanding user friendliness for you and stress-free selection for your cows. The selection box works with the same management system as the Lely Astronaut. In addition, the double-gate system is the same as the gate on the milking robot. You can also use the Grazeway for separating cows for treatment. You can program this through InHerd on your mobile phone.

  • Lely Attis - Model T4C - Cows Management System

    Lely Attis - Model T4C - Cows Management System

    The Lely T4C (Time-for-Cows) management system is the prime source of information for your dairy farm. It delivers real-time insight with no extra work. You can take direct action yourself and you can also act preventively based on predictions.

  • Housing and Caring

  • Lely - Model L4C - Light for Cows

    Lely - Model L4C - Light for Cows

    Good lighting in the barn has been shown to enhance cows’ productivity. With Lely Light for Cows (L4C) you can set up an efficient light plan, giving you the right light intensity in the barn 16-18 hours a day. More light stimulates the cows’ activity. It also has a positive influence on fertility and on the growth of your young cattle.

  • Luna - Cow Brush

    Luna - Cow Brush

    Keeping animal welfare to optimum levels leads to happier, healthier and more productive cows. Cow health can be enhanced by proper skin care. The Lely Luna brushes the skin and stimulates blood circulation. This leads not only to a more relaxed cow but also a calmer herd.

  • Walkway - Foot Bath for Efficient Hoof Care

    Walkway - Foot Bath for Efficient Hoof Care

    Healthy hooves for optimum animal welfare. Reduce hoof disease and premature lameness with efficient hoof care. Cows with healthy hooves feel good and are more productive. They will visit the feed gate and the milking robot more regularly. Healthy hooves are good for the animals and their yield.

Products by Twose of Tiverton Limited - a member of the Alamo Group

  • Mid Range Reach Arms

  • Twose - Model 1-Series - Mid Range Reach Arms

    Twose - Model 1-Series - Mid Range Reach Arms

    Twose’s specialist compact series features a choice of 3.2m and 4.2m models with 30hp hydraulics and advanced parallel arm geometry for outstanding manoeuvrability and precision. Highly adaptable, 1-Series machines can be fitted quickly and easily on a wide range of utility vehicles. Their low horsepower requirements mean they are compatible with tractors of just 30hp (TW 32-1) or 45hp (TW 42-1). Created for the amenities, ground-care and...

  • Twose - Model 3-Series - Mid Range Reach Arms

    Twose - Model 3-Series - Mid Range Reach Arms

    Featuring 5.5m reach, 50hp hydraulics, and parallel arm geometry, Twose’s new TW 55-3 is ideal for those seeking a productive and dependable machine that offers outstanding value. With a choice of control systems, including Twose’s proven low pressure hydraulic proportional joystick, the TW 55-3 is intuitive and easy to master and comes with a wide range of working attachments from Cutterbars to Sawheads. A precise, productive mid-range...

  • Twose - Model 4-series - Mid Range Reach Arms

    Twose - Model 4-series - Mid Range Reach Arms

    Twose’s most advanced mid-range machine, the TW 55-4 features the acclaimed new electric proportional joystick control suite; competitive 5.5m reach; 50hp hydraulics; and a 100-degree hydraulic slew with breakaway protection. Compatible with tractors of just 60hp and upwards, the machine is equipped with a doubleskin heavy duty 1.20m flailhead and is available with more than 10 different cutting attachments, including Sawheads, Cutterbars, and...

  • Twose - Model 5-series - Mid Range Reach Arms

    Twose - Model 5-series - Mid Range Reach Arms

    Twose’s flagship 5-Series offers four different reach options from 5.7 to 6.7m, 65hp high-performance hydraulics, and a choice of advanced control systems. Three different armsets are available including: Standard; Telescopic – for adding or retracting up to 1.0m of extra reach on demand; and Cranked Forward Reach (CFR) – enhancing comfort and visibility and reducing fatigue. Twose’s 5-Series machines come with a productive...

  • Rotary & Flail Toppers

  • Twose - Model RT Range - Rotary & Flail Toppers

    Twose - Model RT Range - Rotary & Flail Toppers

    Cutting widths 1.8m/2.4m/2.75m. 2.4m Offset model available. Three-point linkage-mounting. Cutting height from 30mm to 150mm, 540rpm PTO. Shaft driven gearboxes. Shear bolt protection. Two cutting blades per rotor 50mm blade overlap. Full length skids. Free Swinging Blades

  • Twose - Model RT 215 and RT 275 - Rotary & Flail Toppers

    Twose - Model RT 215 and RT 275 - Rotary & Flail Toppers

    RT-215 Semi-offset: Cutting width 2.13m (7ft). RT-275 Inline model: Cutting width 2.73m (9ft). Three-point linkage-mounting. Cutting height from 24mm to 114mm  540rpm PTO. Belt Drive. Heavy duty gearbox. Two cutting blades per rotor. Swinging, overlapping blades. Shear bolt protection. Full length skids. RT-275 fitted with end linkage as standard for ease of transport

  • Mowers/Tedders/Rakes

  • Twose Opticut - Disc Mowers

    Twose Opticut - Disc Mowers

    2.5m and 2.9m cutting widths. Three- point linkage- mounting. Quick and easy blade replacement. Heavy duty construction. Mechanical breakback. Four V-belt driven. Disc protection. Deck movement of -30° to +40°. Spring assisted weight distribution. Hydraulic folding 540 PTO over- run protection

  • Twose Silvercut - Model 270, 300, 340 and 380 - Disc Mowers

    Twose Silvercut - Model 270, 300, 340 and 380 - Disc Mowers

    2.5m, 2.9m, 3.25m and 3.7m cutting widths. Three- point linkage- mounting. Quick and easy blade replacement. Disc protection. Curved forged skids. Paired, rotating disc’s. Safety breakback. Heavy duty construction. Hydraulic folding. 1000 PTO slip clutch and over-run protection

  • General Implements

  • Twose - Model F 3040 - Spring Harrow Rakes

    Twose - Model F 3040 - Spring Harrow Rakes

    Heavy duty frame with box section bars. Adjustable working height. Adjustable tine angle. Parking stand. Improved aeration and drainage. Reduces the need for spray chemical and fertilizer. Tine coil behind bar to protect field crops from pinching

  • Haymakers

  • Twose - Model RV-300 - Combi Rake

    Twose - Model RV-300 - Combi Rake

    3.0 and 3.9m working widths. Three-point linkage mounting. Simple height adjustment. Can be used for raking or tedding. Robust build quality. Delivers a wide and even spread and a large fluffy swath. Hardened crown-wheels, pinions and drivelines between the rotors for long-lasting durability

  • Forestry

  • Model TW250 PHR 3PT - Mounted Pro Leveler

    Model TW250 PHR 3PT - Mounted Pro Leveler

    2.5m working width. Three point linkage (Cat I and II). Hydraulic horizontal adjustment. Hydraulic beam adjustment. Serrated blade edge. Blade side stops. Ideal for gravel, snow and ice