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  • Small Harvesters

  • Forest Master  - Small Harvesters

    Forest Master - Small Harvesters

    No matter what time of year or what kind of terrain you work, Usewood Forest Master is ready to work with you. Tough job in young forests can be done easier, productively and in comfort. Using Forest Master you will step in a new era of forestry. Usewood Forest Master small harvester gives you environmentally friendly way to manage young stands. Light and small harvester moves easily and gently in full density young forests leaving hardly any tracks....

  • Model UW40A  - Herbicide Applicator

    Model UW40A - Herbicide Applicator

    UW40A Herbicide Applicator for the Brushwood Cutter provides safety and easy way to do controlled spreading of liquid additives through UW40- and UW40D Brushwood Cutter. UW40A Herbicide Applicator can be use for spreading liquid fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. By using UW40A Herbicide Applicator it is possible to rise efficiency and profitability of coppice and brushwood cutting. Stump treatments against Heterobasidion fungi can be also...

  • Brushwood Cutters

  • Model UW40 - Brushwood Cutters

    Model UW40 - Brushwood Cutters

    When your goal is to help young trees to get stronger and grow better, UW40 Brushwood Cutter is perfect choice for you. UW40 Brushwood Cutter gives you power and accurancy to do all precommercial thinnings. The compact head has either cutting or sawing function, depending on the rotation direction of blade.

  • Model UW40D - Dual Brushwood Cutter

    Model UW40D - Dual Brushwood Cutter

    UW40D Dual Brushwood Cutter makes double as much coppice and brushwood cleaning and clear-ing. It has 160 cm wide effective working space. This makes planted young stands cleaning fast and easy. UW40D Dual Brushwood Cutter is attached to boom with rotator. Driver can easily rotate UW40D Dual Brushwood Cutter while working. This feature is very handy and useful in the middle of dense young forest.

  • Felling Grapples

  • Model UW160 - Energy Grapple

    Model UW160 - Energy Grapple

    UW160 Energy Grabble is specially designed for professional whole-tree cuttings. It does not matter if tree is frozen or not, UW160 Energy Grabbles powerful knife cuts stems easily up to 18 cm. After cutting UW160 Energy Grabble holds trees strong and tight from stub to woodpile. Multi-tree handling makes possible to process several stems at the same time.

  • Model UW180G  - Felling Grapple

    Model UW180G - Felling Grapple

    UW180G Felling Grapple with strong and powerful knife cutting is made for making high quality delimbed timber. Knife of UW180G Felling Grabble needs very little maintenance. Up to 18 cm diameter trees are cut easily with UW180G Felling Grapple. Delimbing knifes process stems with precision resulting excellent high quality timber. As option UW180G Felling Grapple can be equipped with length and volume measurement.

  • Model UW180S - Felling Grapple

    Model UW180S - Felling Grapple

    UW180S Felling Grapple has fast and reliable saw unit. Saw unit has designed cut stems up to 22 cm diameter. UW180S Felling Grapple has high quali-ty delimbing system, resulting excellent delimbed timber. Energy- and firewood made by UW180S Felling Grapple dries well because the feed rollers brake bark of stems. As option UW180S Felling Grapple can be also equipped with length and volume measurement.