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  • Small Harvesters

  • Combi Master - Forwarder with Harvester Head

    Combi Master - Forwarder with Harvester Head

    Usewood Combi Master delivers everything what a forest owner needs in a one machine. From brushwood cutting to first thinning, Usewood Combi Master transforms between a harvester, forwarder and a brushwood cutting machine. Individual forest owners can purchase only one machine for their needs, thus reducing young forest management costs. As all other Usewood machines, Combi Master can also be...

  • Forest Master - Small Forestry Harvesters

    Forest Master - Small Forestry Harvesters

    With Usewood Forest master Turbo small forestry has became more powerful and efficient than ever. Getting it's energy from Kubota V1505T turbo diesel engine and hydraulics driven by Bosch Rexroth 0-130 l variable displacement pump, Forest Master Turbo provides double power and 20% more hydraulic oil compared to it's predecessor. When working with UW180S harvester head, this extra power makes handling heavy logs with...

  • Log Master - Forestry Combines

    Log Master - Forestry Combines

    Usewood Log Master combines the customer's desires to the challenges of harvesting small dimensioned wood. The forwarder is agile when delivering 3 m3 load saving the forest terrain. Eight traction wheels ensure reliable progress in demanding terrains, such as soft soils and slopes.

  • Brushwood Cutters

  • Model UW40 - Brushwood Cutters

    Model UW40 - Brushwood Cutters

    When your goal is to help young trees to get stronger and grow better, UW40 Brushwood Cutter is perfect choice for you. UW40 Brushwood Cutter gives you power and accurancy to do all precommercial thinnings. The compact head has either cutting or sawing function, depending on the rotation direction of blade.

  • Felling Grapples

  • Model UW 180S - Felling Grapple

    Model UW 180S - Felling Grapple

    UW180S Felling Grapple is the latest member of Usewood felling grapples. UW180S harvester head is specifically designed to fit all Usewood small forestry machines. It has a fast and reliable saw unit which is designed to cut stems up to 22 cm diameter. UW180S Felling Grapple has high quality delimbing system, resulting excellent delimbed timber. Energy- and firewood made by UW180S Felling Grapple dries well because the feed rollers...