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  • Pumps

  • UYSAN - Pump for Tractor Works

    UYSAN - Pump for Tractor Works

    Tractor Works with action from power takeoff. With 3 membrane and high pressure. The membranes stabilized to the high pressure.

  • Pulverizers

  • UYSAN - P5 With Hanger

    UYSAN - P5 With Hanger

    This is very economic pulvarizator and it is very usable in arable held and such ha5 settled and moveable bar.

  • UYSAN - P1 With Hanger

    UYSAN - P1 With Hanger

    This is with hanger and it is degisned for using in arable has openable and closeable lift is perfect spraying to underground and overground insectisit.