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  • Accessories for Vineyards and Irrigation

    In this section you can see particulars specifically designed for the plant engeneering sector applied to agriculture; thanks to these innovatory products we can solve the user's final problems as well as the ones of the firm that has constructed the system.

  • Model GST - Hooks Suspension Tubes

    Model GST - Hooks Suspension Tubes

    This article is used to couple suspended tubes for irrigation. Is fast and express and allows to reduce the times of assembly. Available in 5 diameters: d.16, 20, 25, 32 e 40.

  • Branch-Holding Screw Hook

    Branch-Holding Screw Hook

    This item, used in vineyards using vertical trellising, serves to align productive shoots with the trellis after pruning so that operating machines (cutters, sprayers and harvesters) can pass without damaging the grape. It may be used every year.

  • Arm for Green Combing

    Arm for Green Combing

    This item is used to hold up the wire that turns the vine to its outside edge (green combing) and at the same time assists mechanized green pruning in GDC systems.

  • Anto-Foundering Disc

    Anto-Foundering Disc

    This item is used to hold up steel stakes in Upwards-Trained Vertical Trellising. When the plant grows, the greater weight tends to push the stake supporting it into the ground, which causes problems during mechanical harvesting. Thanks to a special housing in the disc, the stake can be inserted besides the plant.

  • Groups and Particulars for Lorries Preparation

  • Car-Block Group

    Car-Block Group

    The closing system is designed for lorries and recreational vehicles raves. It combines the advantages of plastic materials (resistance, weight, beauty, costs) used for external parts and the safety and solidity of the steel in the structural parts. This system is already assembled inside the classic aluminium drawn and is available in hundreds of variants. This product has been available for years on the italian market and it has gained the trust of...

  • Pole Covers

    Pole Covers

    Pole cover (..and its fitting screws) is primary component of orchards' protection systems, being the only connection between the posts and tensioning cables, so including, in one unit, many different needs: hold out to continuous mechanical stress due to wires tension, wind, rain and hail., to be heat and cold resistant by seasonal weather changing, resist UV rays, lasting by the whole life of plant, fast installation and maintenance, no wear of net...