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  • Zimmatic - Extreme Duty Gear Box

    Zimmatic - Extreme Duty Gear Box

    The new Zimmatic Extreme Duty Gearbox is built with the future of center pivot irrigation in mind. Features include: Cartridge input and output shaft seals that turn with the shaft provide extra protection from dirt and moisture. Two large input bearings increase load capacity by 55%. Operating life and increased torque consistency are achieved thanks to a super-strong, cast iron bull gear.

  • Zimmatic - Model 8500P - Center Pivots

    Zimmatic - Model 8500P - Center Pivots

    Zimmatic® by Lindsay’s 8500P center pivot provides an incredible value for your operation. Combining state-of-the-art engineering design processes with the latest in material science, the 8500P center pivot features a 12-guage pipeline in a high strength machine you can trust to provide consistent irrigation for many years.