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  • Industrial Films

  • Valota - Polyethylene Films

    Valota - Polyethylene Films

    Shrink wrap film for the printing sector; magazines, books and newspapers. This film comes in 3 versions: high, medium and low laminate. It can be shrink wrapped or not and can be sealed at high speeds.

  • Shrink Wrap Polyethylene Film

    Shrink Wrap Polyethylene Film

    Polyethylene film suitable for manual and automatic stretch wrapping machines. Can be supplied as single or double shrink wrap in: standard high transluceny and high tear resistance.

  • Roll Shrink Hooding Film

    Roll Shrink Hooding Film

    Roll shrink hooding film for manual pallet wrapping. Technical specifications:50 micron to 200 micron thickness. Shrink wrap:Circumference up to 6700mm and seal within 2100mm. Coverage:circumference up to 7300mm and seal up to 2900mm.

  • Agricultural Films

  • Neutral Translucent Base

    Neutral Translucent Base

    Sheet made from 100% virgin material for seasonal mini greenhouse tunnels and various other applications. Not treated for UV rays. Available in the following versions: thickness:50 micron to 200 micron Iength:2 to 14 metres rolls:70kgs tube rolls or larger in standard decreasing sizes.

  • Black Sheet

    Black Sheet

    Used in the cultivation of chrysanthemums, float system for tobacco plants and other various applications.  Not treated for UV rays.

  • Greenhouse Cladding Film

    Greenhouse Cladding Film

    Our greenhouse cladding films are tear resistant, perforation resistant and are of longer duration. Thus this product is ideal for silage as it protects from heat, dust, rain and air.

  • Supesilos Film

    Supesilos Film

    Our new “Supesilos” film has revolutionised this field: its primary quality is its reduced thickness, 115 micron, thus making it far more flexible in its use, compared to the normal 200 micron film.