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  • Greenhouse Energy Saving Equipment

    Van Dijk heating is a company that specializes in the manufacture and supply of high efficiency-enhancing equipment for greenhouses. The products guarantee a long life and a high degree of reliability and serviceability.

  • Retarders


    Choose the retarder supplied by Van Dijk heating for improved heat transfer in every boiler. Retarders are eddy-current strips that are fitted in the tubes in order to achieve improved heat transfer between the medium and the tube wall. The medium may be gaseous or liquid. A retarder can also be used as a so-called static mixer to combine liquids and/or gases in a tube.

  • Valves


    In addition to our CO2 dosing and our rookgascondensors we supply various valves of various materials, for applications in flues and CO2 dosing. All models are available with manual or electric operation. New to the range is the newly developed vacuum valve. This valve is intended to be on the collector CO2 to place, so that the underpressure in the collector is too large, outdoor air is taken. Specifies the collector protected from imploding.

  • Greenhouse Drainwater Disinfectors

    Greenhouse Drainwater Disinfectors

    The ECOSTER drainwater disinfector stands out from other disinfectors because its guarantees effective disinfection and low operating costs. Good quality water is one of our planet’s scarcest raw materials. In a modern nursery, which is operated on a sustainable basis, a closed water cycle is an absolute must. This is because the discharging of excess drainwater is irresponsible, both in relation to society and the environment. It is also a...

  • Greenhouse CO2 Dosing Units

    Greenhouse CO2 Dosing Units

    Promote growth in your greenhouses. Opt for the CO2 dosing units supplied by Van Dijk heating. Van Dijk heating has been supplying high-quality CO2 dosing units for use in horticulture under glass since 1980. As you will see from the chart above, an increased concentration of CO2 in the cultivation area promotes growth. Naturally, this results in the achievement of a higher yield. Because of this, it is impossible to...

  • Model AVS - Active Greenhouse Ventilation System

    Model AVS - Active Greenhouse Ventilation System

    The Active Ventilation System for active ventilation and dehumidification with minimum energy use: Because of the extra emphasis that is being put on sustainability and energy savings, conditioned cultivation is playing an increasingly more important role in modern greenhouse horticulture. Actively ventilating your greenhouse air with relatively dry outdoor air is a new and simple application for this purpose. Because the outdoor air contains less...

  • Model HRWB-2 - Horticulture Boiler

    Model HRWB-2 - Horticulture Boiler

    The high efficiency HRWB-2 boiler with a unique through-flow system /straight flow system. The HRWB boiler produced by Van Dijk heating is based on the latest insights on and developments in relation to the high efficiency fire tube boiler. This boiler complies with all of the various strict environmental requirements and can be produced individually or as a small production run. This process involves the use of the materials customary in this respect...