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  • Agastache Rugosa

    Agastache Rugosa

    An exciting and easy to grow Agastache which flowers in the first year of sowing. The blue-violet flowers in dense spikes of 12 to 16 cm long, attract many bees and butterflies. Aromatic herb, hardy and robust perennial for high borders. Start plant indoors or sow direct in full sun or partial shade on in soil with good drainage. Native of East Asia.

  • Anoda Cristata

    Anoda Cristata

    A marvellous annual species flowering from early summer until the winter starts. Originally from Central and South America were it can been a troublesome weed in agriculltural fields. In cooler parts of the world seeds do not remain viable over winter so this garden selection will not cause any problems. It can be grown as an annual for high borders and the back or the border. The cup-shaped flowers are 4 to 5 cm wide and are puple pink with slightly...