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  • Horticulture

    We focus on three main areas within horticulture: fertilizers, crop protection and flower and plant packaging. Our specialists are eager to advise you on the best possible strategies to harvest an optimum result.

  • Liquid and Solid Fertilizers for Horticulture

    Liquid and Solid Fertilizers for Horticulture

    We provide liquid and solid fertilizers. Our own liquid fertilizer package, launched in 1987, is unique as it consists of single element fertilizers. As a result, you can arrange for your crop to receive the exact nourishment it needs. Our solid fertilizers are highly soluble and do not contain any residu. We are able to develop a blend (mix) of fertilizers, so your crop will get exactly what it needs. Furthermore, using a blend enables you...

  • Crop Protection

    Crop Protection

    Whereas in the past we controlled pests by applying a crop protection product, nowadays along with the grower we concentrate on supervising and managing the crop as a whole. This requires from us, as supplier, a broad, pro-active and knowledge-intensive approach to the whole crop.

  • Flower and Plant Packaging

    Flower and Plant Packaging

    For many market gardeners, the Van Iperen sleeve is a much valued product. Features of our sleeves are the high quality, a favourable price and a short delivery term. With the Van Iperen sleeve, both printed and blank, we place the flowers and plants in the suitable, right packaging. We also work closely with reputable suppliers with the object of creating a harmonic total. Van Iperen plays a leading role in finding the best connection between...

  • Van Iperen - Liquid Fertilizers for Agriculture

    Van Iperen - Liquid Fertilizers for Agriculture

    On a modern farm, liquid fertilizers are the way to go in order to efficiently work with minerals. Application during sowing, through row fertilization or full-field with a spraying machine is very advantageous. Liquid fertilizers enable you to fertilize precisely. Furthermore, by saving on your minerals you create extra space for the use of organic fertilizers.

  • Livestock Farming

    We are specialist in silage and maize cultivation. Considering the fact that concentrates get more expensive and government regulations only get stricter, it becomes increasingly important to grow high quality silage and maize. After all, they form the basis of your cattle’s ration. Our Powerline liquid fertilizers are especially developed for cattle feed!

  • Grass Sillage

    Grass Sillage

    Growing good pasture is crucial for your cattle’s milk production. Your pasture should produce the highest yield possible, it must have a high nutritional value and it has to be tasty as well! These are all requirements you can influence! For example: Powerbasic 24 N gives up to 16% more DM yield, compared to fertilization with Calcium Ammonium Nitrate.

  • Maize


    Next to grass silage, maize is an important ingredient of your cattle’s ration. The better the maize, the fewer concentrates needed. To be able to grow the highest maize yield, we deliver Powerbasic and Powerstart Feed.