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Vanden Bussche Irrigation

Vanden Bussche Irrigation

Vanden Bussche Irrigation is a 3rd generation family business built on the values of exceptional service and expert knowledge. Based in Delhi, Ontario with four Ontario locations and one Eastern Canada location to serve you.Our primary function is to design, develop and installation irrigation system to convey the minimum amount of moisture necessary to optimize plant growth - at the most economical price. Vanden Bussche has the technology and the know-how to render this essential service to you... and we also take the time to teach every customer how to optimize the benefits of a newly installed irrigation system.Vanden Bussche designed and installed an irrigation system which has kept these world-renown lawns consistently at the ready to receive the World`s leaders..At Vanden Bussche International, our proven expertise and exceptional service are available worldwide.

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Box 304, 2515 Pinegrove Road , Delhi , Ontario N4B 2X1 Canada
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Vanden Bussche Irrigation believes in total customer satisfaction. We strive to be your most valued resource in irrigation by providing irrigation design, consulting, environmental facts, world-class equipment, and service excellence. For over 50 years, our company growth has been steadily built on the talents of many energetic, highly trained people who believe in our customer - first service approach.

We are experts in a full range of irrigation applications, from trickle to slurry systems as well as suppliers of world-class irrigation equipment to hundreds of farmers and contractors, golf courses, cities and municipalities. Since 1954, Vanden Bussche Irrigation has been a system design and installation leader. We are innovators, always keeping up with new technologies and testing out new trends in our own fields at the Vanden Bussche learning center. Whether you need a whole new irrigation system, just a few replacement parts, or an upgrade to your current irrigation controls and configuration, Vanden Bussche has what you need.

'The Rain Company'

Vanden Bussche has always worked to meet our customers' needs with quality installations to help deliver what nature cannot. We call it the science of controlled rain, our way... and our people will go anywhere to deliver that promise.

Our primary function is to develop mechanical devices to convey the minimum amount of moisture necessary to optimize plant growth - at the most economical price. Vanden Bussche has the technology and the know-how to render this essential service to you... and we also take the time to teach every customer how to optimize the benefits of a newly installed irrigation system.

In 1926, Gerard Vanden Bussche at the age of 24 left the family farm, his father, mother and siblings in Belgium to immigrate to Canada seeking new opportunities. He first settled near Chatham, Ontario, where he joined a community of other immigrant Flemish farmers looking for new world opportunities. He grew his first tobacco crop in 1928. From there he purchased and sold multiple farms used to grow tobacco, including 800 acres of land cleared out of a 1200 acre parcel in Grand Bend, Ontario during the 1940s.

Nearly 30 years later, Gerard Vanden Bussche and his family moved to Delhi, Ontario, where Gerard and his son, Roger, recently graduated from the Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph, established Vanden Bussche Irrigation in 1954. It was a small business specializing in irrigation systems, supplying irrigation equipment as well as design and installation services for local farmers. When Roger Vanden Bussche died prematurely in 1979 at the age of 49 his wife, Theresa, carried on the business operations as president until 2014.

Just months after his father's death, at age 18, Marc Vanden Bussche left school to begin working for the family business, eventually taking control of the operations in 1996. Now as President of the business co-founded by his grandfather and father, Marc's vision is to make Vanden Bussche Irrigation & Equipment Limited a North American leader in distributing and installing agricultural irrigation systems.

In the year 2000, Vanden Bussche Irrigation & Equipment Limited acquired a 115 acre former tobacco farm near Simcoe, Ontario to serve as a research and equipment demonstration site.

Designed initially to demonstrate innovative irrigation techniques under actual field and greenhouse conditions, the Learning Centre has since undertaken several other initiatives including prairie grass plantings in cooperation with the Agriculture Adaptation Council (ACC) and the Long Point Region Conservation Authority (LPRCA), The Wetland Habitat Fund and Ducks Unlimited Pond Development. The project, involving six species of prairie grass, provides wildlife food and habitat and has proven to be a highly successful, low maintenance buffer that not only stabilizes sandy soils, and attracts wildlife, but also acts as an effective buffer between the farm and waterway!

A Full Scale Teaching & Testing Lab

The Vanden Bussche learning centre is a working farm where clients can see first-hand the new irrigation technology at work. It also allows us to become familiar with new technologies and test new trends so we can better advise you on irrigation best-practices.

The ability to 'play around' with the equipment on a real farm allows our team to develop in-depth knowledge and truly experiment new ways of using equipment for the best possible results – which we can then pass on to you.

Water, whether from irrigation or precipitation, is one of the most critical crop inputs. And while natural rainfall can be quite unpredictable, Vanden Bussche has the solution you can depend on. The measurable benefits of water irrigation systems include plant/turf establishment, growth, flower-setting/fruit development, and finally, quality.

Improving your bottom line:

  • Plants and turf require adequate moisture in all phases of growth including germination and establishment.
  • Managed water enhances plant growth, improving bud formation, appearance, flowering, size, and the final appearance of foliage, fruit and vegetable crop.
  • Economical, custom designed irrigation systems deliver moisture in measured amounts to where the crop, plant or turf needs it most.
  • Irrigation helps growers, landscape architects and turf managers bring new predictability to crop volumes, complex designs and playing or growth conditions.
  • Scheduling of water application becomes a timed event that ensures the negative effects of wind, heat, and excess moisture are avoided, quite unlike relying on nature alone.
  • In many installations, water application can be combined with fertilizers to reduce costs, improve plant nutrition and encourage uniform growth.

There are many water management options for those whose livelihood and reputation depend on high yields or attractive green spaces.

Irrigation Systems: More Than Just Water

If you believe that supplying water for plant use is the only useful function of an irrigation system, think again. Your investment in irrigation can also be put to good use as a means of applying protective materials and nutrients. Weather and soil conditions may not be totally controllable, but with a well-designed irrigation system, growing conditions can be moderated substantially. You can take matters in hand to improve what nature has provided. Give us a call today.

Let your awareness of specific needs and our expert experience combine to answer the time-honoured questions of value, cost and control. We're involved from the field to the lawn; hook-up to the benefits of long-term profitability and rely on Vanden Bussche: Contact us to reap the benefits of quality irrigation design and equipment... profit from our science of controlled rain.

Water is the foundation of all life on Earth and, while it covers almost three-quarters of the planet's surface, less than 1% of that water is available for human use. Without question, at Vanden Bussche we believe it is our responsibility to design the most economical irrigation system possible, both in terms of return on investment and in terms of water usage. Anything less, simply isn't worthy of the name Vanden Bussche.

As the cost of the planet's most precious commodity -water- rises, our challenge is to continue to build on our strong alliances with the world's finest water irrigation equipment providers (eg. Rain Bird, Bauer, Netafim, Berkeley, Zimmatic, Hunter, Nelson, Wade Rain) and to design custom irrigation systems which we will support long after the installation and test phase.

Future water shortage problems will force recognition of improper water usage and concentrate efforts on improving efficiency – that's why today we take the time to fully train and support our clients in the proper and efficient usage of their irrigation systems. There are real solutions, such as the use of recycled water, curbing waste, and devising more reliable systems controlled by the moisture content in the soil. At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we'll find the solutions best suited to you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Lower Water and Energy Usage: Increase Production

Today's farmers are being challenged to either conserve water and energy or watch their profits evaporate. Precise irrigation will help preserve finite water supplies and produce substantial long-term gains in energy conservation, reduced water usage and higher production (at lower cost).

  • Modern irrigation systems use energy-efficient materials and low-pressure components which reduce the horsepower needed to pump water through the system. This efficiency reduces the risk of overwatering.
  • Controlled fertigation techniques offer a means of distributing nutrients at appropriate levels to reduce the excessive growth that follows heavy fertilization and slow growth at the end of conventional fertilization cycles. This process reduces leaching and costs through the use of water-soluble sources, thus replacing slow-release fertilizer sources.
  • New automatic irrigation system controllers, software packages and other advanced equipment emphasize the need for professional designs that match the application method to each unique site.

Since our sales team also designs the system, you'll talk directly to someone who can explain clearly what they are selling. And we'll ensure the water irrigation system matches both your future needs and current budget. Once installed, an operating irrigation system will enable you to simultaneously conserve water and control the health of your crops, plants and trees.