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  • Hygienic Floor Systems

    The veterinary status of farms, compliance with technological requirements to management of animals of different sex age groups as well as the economic indicators of the production depend on the type and quality of floor used in the premises for pigs’ management.

  • Slotted Floors Used in Modern Pig Farms

    Slotted Floors Used in Modern Pig Farms

    Slotted floors are used in modern pig farms. They speed up and facilitate the work of the staff to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in the premises which is the most difficult task.

  • Concrete Slotted Floors

    Concrete Slotted Floors

    Concrete floors are designed for high loads (about 600kg per 1m2) so they are used to equip the facilities for single sows in farrow groups and separately as well as for pigs in fattening. They cannot be used in breed sheds and premises for growing, since it does not correspond to the technological requirements to the temperature.

  • Metal Slotted Floors

    Metal Slotted Floors

    Metal floors made of both steel and cast iron are designed for lactating sows and equipped with hatches in the back part for easy manure escape. The main shortcoming of metal floors is the fact that they are cold and take heat from the animals away. This is the feature which is used to arrange the floor under the lactating sow. During such a period the animal’s body temperature rises and the metal floor is used to create more comfortable...

  • Plastic Slotted Floors

    Plastic Slotted Floors

    Plastic slotted floors are made of high quality material, i.e. block propylene copolymer imported. Floor coating meet the highest standards of veterinary hygiene; it is resistant to ammonium, has high strength characteristics. Plastic slotted floors are used for different age groups.