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  • Installations and Systems

  • Screen Installations Services

    Screen Installations Services

    To achieve an optimum result, VB Greenhouses can integrate your greenhouse screen installation at the same time as designing your greenhouse. There are numerous best practice solutions for regulating the atmospheric humidity, sun screening, spreading light, reducing temperature differences, decoration and of course saving energy. Appropriate screening can be found for every individual situation. For integrating insect screening into the greenhouse...

  • Internal Logistics Services

    Internal Logistics Services

    For the optimum utilisation of the available greenhouse floor surface, VB Greenhouses can provide various logistical growing solutions. Not only units for internal transport, such as rolling containers, transport vehicles, but also bands or conveyor belt mechanisms, as well as made to measure automated systems. With our keen eye for detail, we look forward to thinking in tandem with you with the aim of realising labour savings, whilst optimising the...

  • Water Technical and Electro Technical Installations

    Water Technical and Electro Technical Installations

    The quality and reliability of water technical and electro technical installations in horticulture is critical. Full control of all such systems in the greenhouse environment is absolutely vital for optimum growth and production. For the Dutch market, VB Greenhouses works closely with recognised specialist suppliers in these fields. For export projects, we take care of the complete package by integrating the various desired systems. Advanced and...