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  • Poultry- Feed Pan

  • Valènta - Versatile Broiler Feed Pan

    Valènta - Versatile Broiler Feed Pan

    Versatile broiler feed pan designed for both restricted and unrestricted feeding. Low ridge for easy access to feed from day one. Open design prevents chicks from getting caught inside the feed pan. Pan design minimizes feed spillage. Simple 6 position feed level adjustment. User friendly, centrally adjustable with winching system. Suitable for meal, crumbled and pelletized feed Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and disinfection. Hinged bottom for...

  • Poultry- Feeding

  • Chainfeeding Systems

    Chainfeeding Systems

    High transport capacity for fast and optimal feed ditribution. Accurate feedlevel adjustment, with the 7 position feedlevel slide in each feedhopper. Stepless chain speed adjustable with frequency converter. Feedtrough offers optimal and clear access to feed, creating calmness for the birds whilst eating. Available as supported and suspended system. Large variety of hoppers, feeding machines, and independent drive units for optimal system...

  • Flextra - Panfeeding Systems

    Flextra - Panfeeding Systems

    The VDL panfeeding systems are available as straight line or circular systems, with a wide range of feed pans to suit the different types of poultry. Many years of experience resulted in durable, high quality and maintenance friendly products using the best available material. Special design of the different panfeeder models for best technical performance and efficiency enhancement.

  • Poultry - Drinking

  • Nipple Drinking System

    Nipple Drinking System

    The main purpose of the drinking systems is the supply of clean drinking water to your poultry. Of the many advantages of a nipple drinking system, below listed are the main features:

  • Sowa - Bell Drinkers

    Sowa - Bell Drinkers

    Through the water control panel, the water is guided via the Thylene hoses through the house to the drinkers. The drinkers are connected by T-piece to the Thylene hose. The Sowa drinker has a waterflow regulating valve, allowing user to adjust water flow to desired level. Drinkers can be installed on a winching system, for central level adjustment.

  • Pigs - Feeding

  • Model VDL500 and VDL600  - Circular Tube Feeding Systems

    Model VDL500 and VDL600 - Circular Tube Feeding Systems

    The  VDL500 en VDL600 circular tube feeding systems are specially designed to meet the high demands and industrial size of modern pig farms. The ø50 en ø60mm systems with cable or chain disc conveyors and heavy duty corners are ideal for the large buildings with different compartments , boxes and crates. The VDL tube feeding systems is very suitable for the distribution of multiple feed  types, using more feedcircuits aligned...

  • Model Flex60 and Flex90  - Straight Line Auger Feeding Systems

    Model Flex60 and Flex90 - Straight Line Auger Feeding Systems

    The Flex60 and Flex90 straight line auger systems are specially designed to meet the high demands and industrial sized modern pig farms. The Flex60 with ø60mm transporttubes is mostly suitable for smaller systems used e.g. in quarantine or mating houses , with a small number of compartments , using droptubes or dispensers. The Flex90 with ø90mm transporttube is suitable for larger systems in long houses with high feeding capacity...

  • Pigs - Storage and Transport

  • Silos and Auger Transport Systems

    Silos and Auger Transport Systems

    Centreless rotating auger for reliable feed transport. Available for tube diameters 60, 75, 90 and 125 mm. Transport capacity ranging from 500kg to 5000 kg per hour. Suitable for transportation of pelletized feed, mesh, meal and home mixed feed. Pneumatic or electric operated feed outlets can be fitted to the auger systems. Wide range of feed intake hoppers and accessories for required configuration. Durable equipment, using stainless steel and hot...