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  • Scrapers

  • Model J330 - Tear Towed Agricultural Scraper

    Model J330 - Tear Towed Agricultural Scraper

    Tear towed agricultural scraper perfect for long distance displacement of soil as well as wet or sandy soil. Unloads soil through a hatchback type ejector. Frontal door prevents loss of soil. The high capacity scraper offers the advantage of fast and unloading speeds. Equipped with extra heavy duty hitch with full roatation as well as a rear wireless camera.

  • Model LDP 220 - Mini Scraper

    Model LDP 220 - Mini Scraper

    Mini Scraper is a 3 point hitch for small tractors of 60-100 HP. With angular rudder for variable postion of 360 degrees this permits to be able to work forward or backwards.

  • Roma  - Model 400 - Scraper

    Roma - Model 400 - Scraper

    High-technology produce Gooseneck chassis with bin, wide port between blades and chassis, ensuring the machine can contain a large amount of soil at the same time rolling it perfectly and quickly. This makes a large displacement possible in shorter time. The foregoing grader ensures incomparable reliability and precision.