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  • Slurry Tanks

  • Basicline - Slurry Tank

    Basicline - Slurry Tank

    The Basicline series form the affordable entry-level Veenhuis Tanks. The Basicline Tanks are mainly developed for transport. The hitch of an application is not provided here.

  • Ecoline - Slurry Tank

    Ecoline - Slurry Tank

    The newly developed Ecoline slurry tanks offer the perfect introduction to slurry application. This model is standard prepared for the installation of a dripple bar linkage or trailing shoe distributor. The Ecoline stands out with the stable and high-quality construction. A good weight distribution ensures, even when hitching a wide dripple bar linkage or trailing shoe distributor in the rear, for optimal head pressure on the tractor. With this,...

  • Feed Hose Systems

  • Rotomax - Slurry Reel System

    Rotomax - Slurry Reel System

    The Rotomax slurry reel consists of a reel that is coupled to the back of the tractor. The reel is fitted with a hose with a maximum length of 700 metres and a maximum diameter of 5” (125 mm), which supplies the slurry from any store such as a container, tank or pit. This guarantees optimal slurry flow and maximum hourly throughput capacity. Interim transport to a slurry pit or silo is now a thing of the past, as fields only need to be entered...

  • EURO - Model 1200 - Slurry Injectors for Hose Feed Systems

    EURO - Model 1200 - Slurry Injectors for Hose Feed Systems

    The EURO 1200 is a new type of slurry injector, specially developed for applying slurry to grassland, tilled and untilled agricultural land using a hose-feed system. The EURO 1200 is fitted with 300 mm diameter blades, which are 24 mm thick and cut a slit in the sod for slurry injection. The slurry injector has a working breath of 12 metres and is fitted with 2 cutting spacers for optimal slurry distribution. It also has load-sensing, driven by the...

  • Injectors

  • Euroject - Model 3000 and 3500 - Grassland Injectors

    Euroject - Model 3000 and 3500 - Grassland Injectors

    The Euroject is a professional slurry injector for large cattle farmers and agricultural contractors. The slurry injector has a strong frame with solid hinge construction, transport locking and transport width of ± 2.80 m.

  • Euroject Combi - Model 4500 - Grassland Injectors

    Euroject Combi - Model 4500 - Grassland Injectors

    Unique combination: Row-fertilizer and sod slurry injector in one. The Euroject Veenhuis Combi 4500 is a fertilizer which serves two purposes, namely slurry injection and row fertilization. The Euroject Combi 4500 is designed for row fertilization at a row distance of 75 cm when fertilizing on 9.5 cm on both sides of the row. The frame of the injector is prepared to be equipped with a complete set of...

  • Transport

  • Carrier Hook Armsystem

    Carrier Hook Armsystem

    The Carrier, the hook arm system of Veenhuis, enables you to carry out more work while using only one undercarriage. The Carrier has a compactly constructed chassis with an integrated hook-arm system. The low chassis enables high construction with a low centre of gravity and low weight. The entire chassis is used as support for construction, which prevents peak loads in the chassis.