Vegetable Harvesting Systems (VHS)

Vegetable Harvesting Systems (VHS)

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  • VHS Baby Leaf Crop Equipment

  • VHS - Tray Racks

    VHS - Tray Racks

    Tray racks are used to hold trays off the floor whilst the plants are growing in the nursery.  When the plants are ready for dispatch they are transported in the racks to the planting field.

  • VHS - Nursery Trays

    VHS - Nursery Trays

    Several sizes of trays are available with various numbers of cells in each tray. For example, the 600x400 tray size that is used in the U.K. has 345 cells for Brassicas and 216 for Salads.

  • VHS - Green Crop Sponge Seeder

    VHS - Green Crop Sponge Seeder

    Green crop sponge seeders are tractor based or pedestrian controlled machines.  They are used to seed seeds for crops such as herbs, parsley and baby leafs directly into the ground.The main benefit of these machines is that one motor drives all the seeder heads.