Veggie Fresh LED is part of TruLite Industries, LLC – a Family of Companies in the Technology and Media field specializing in Horticultural Solid State Grow Systems. Founded in 2011, TruLite Industries has spent the last two years researching and developing a line of Grow Lights based on LED Technology. These lights have a wide application for use by Individuals, Research Facilities, Greenhouses, Algae Fuel Alternatives and Commercial Growers to name a few. The result is a finely tuned light that boosts plant yield while reducing cost of crop production. All products offered by Veggie Fresh LED are specifically designed for commercial and individual food crop and floral growers – either as primary lighting for indoor food production or as supplemental greenhouse lighting.

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2870 Peachtree Rd, #720 , Atlanta , GA 30305 USA

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Nationally (across the country)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

The Company has spent 2 years in development, however the founders have spent a cumulative 8 years studying this market and reviewing and tracking industry development results. Our conclusion was that LED Technology was amazing but needed further R & D. That is why we now offer the buying public a powerful, refined and efficient LED Grow light in multiple wattages.

And we did not forget Aesthetics – we house our lights in a well constructed, attractive, metal enclosure with replaceable modules. These self contained cylinders allow for easy replacement and future upgrades. Additional features are removable power cords, daisy chain capability and our specially designed Accelerator Lens. This lens is built on top of the LED module and serves to refocus and harness the power of our TruBand&#153 3 watt chips.

Veggie Fresh LED is the only company in this horticultural platform that sells exactly what they are marketing. The majority of the competition uses warped methods of wattage assessment and sells lights that under-perform in both wavelengths and wattage output. When Veggie Fresh LED sells a 400 watt Grow Light, it has 1000 watts of available power thanks to its 336 x 3 watt diodes. But we only run it at a percentage of potential performance to increase Penetration, Coverage and Life Expectancy and we call this TruWatt&#153. So our 1000 watt light is sold and priced as a 400 watt LED grow light.

Another advantage we have is our TruBand&#153 Technology which delivers to our customers accurate, specifically targeted wavelengths that we purchase direct from diode manufacturers to ensure batch quality is consistent. Other lights in the market can be off as much as 20-30 nanometers or 5-8% while our variant factor is 1% or less. For growers, this means you see thick, stocky growth of your floral offerings and early harvests of fruits, veggies, and greens. The result is a big difference in revenue for any grower because, without a good lighting system, your foundation is weak from the start.

Of course this costs more money, but we do not pass it on to the buyer. We know that once growers see performance for themselves, we will have a loyal customer. Similarly built products just won’t be able to compete. Veggie Fresh is in a perpetual, 365 day a year R&D mode but the complexity is in the diode choice, configuration and nanometer variance. The delivery method will be changed and altered as new ideas emerge but sometimes less is best.

The owners have a love for great design but it must perform better than our competition and be easy to assemble, they are also passionate about Sustainable Food, Organic Farming, Urban gardening and self-reliance. LED is just so cool and sets the bar for standards! A grower in the Arctic could grow organic tomatoes, delicious strawberries, beautiful orchids or all three. Our LED Grow Lights are the solution for both small and large grow setups. They are easy to use, quick to setup, and loaded with raw power in a durable, effective modular design.

At the end of the day, all we care about at Veggie Fresh is real wattage output with defined, proven wavelengths and deep plant penetration – everything else is fluff. That is all the grower cares about as well – do these light grow plants and are the plants healthy and robust? The answer is YES. As a huge bonus, they reduce electrical usage by as much as 50%, emit no real heat signature and require little or no air conditioning ducting or other expensive requirements.

LED will surpass your expectations. It is our mission at Veggie Fresh to help educate, market and sell systems that will provide productive, efficient, alternative methods for plant growth. LED allows full time 365 days year grow possibilities for both small and large growers. Welcome to the TruLite Industries Family. Our goal is to offer the best product at a great price with Gold Standard Customer Service.