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  • Greenhouses

  • Venlo - Venlo Greenhouses

    Venlo - Venlo Greenhouses

    The Venlo greenhouse is probably the most well known type of greenhouse among professional growers. This design has proven to be the most economical greenhouse structure suitable for all crops in most climate conditions. The Venlo construction is storm safe. The ventilation system is truss-mounted and operated by means of a push-pull rail mechanic, with roof vents on both sides of the ridge. The roof vents are separately operated.

  • Venlo - Cabrio Greenhouse

    Venlo - Cabrio Greenhouse

    Often used by growers of perennials, baskets and other potted plants, this is the favorite type of greenhouse for many growers. It gives optimal control over the climate within the greenhouse and with that a harder and nicer crop. This greenhouse has the same superb structure as the Venlo greenhouse, but with a different roof design for maximum ventilation. This roof system generates up to 96% ventilation. The Cabrio system is storm safe. The...

  • Venlo - 1 in 3 Cabrio Greenhouse

    Venlo - 1 in 3 Cabrio Greenhouse

    Venlo offers tempered glass or poly, it is the most cost-effective greenhouse currently on the market! With this special roof design we combine the quality advantage of an open roof with the economical advantage of a Venlo greenhouse. The effect of ventilation is close, almost equal to, the cabrio venting system. Optimal control over the climate within the greenhouse resulting in a harder and nicer crop for nearly the price of a Venlo house. An ideal...

  • Venlo - Garden Centers

    Venlo - Garden Centers

    Venlo has built many garden centers over the years. Together with the customer the possible designs and requirements are discussed. After several drawings and the approval of the final design, the materials will be delivered on-site and the construction can begin.

  • Greenhouse Equipment

  • Venlo - Energy & Black-out Curtains

    Venlo - Energy & Black-out Curtains

    Most modern greenhouses are completed with some type of curtain system. Venlo developed a greenhouse package to extensively reduce the high heating costs. All of our structures are designed to accept single our double layer overhead systems and all walls are designed to accept roll-up curtains. Used for energy conservation and light control, our modern, mechanized curtain systems are indispensable. The curtain systems supplied by us do meet the most...

  • Venlo - Pressurized Hot Water System

    Venlo - Pressurized Hot Water System

    Especially for larger greenhouses, pressurized hot water piping systems offer the most energy efficient heating available. The layout of the heating tubes are designed according to the 'Tichelmann system' to have the most equal temperature throughout the greenhouse. The heating tubes are to be placed overhead, around the outside walls and optionally, they can be placed in the floor or under benches.

  • Venlo - Unit Heaters

    Venlo - Unit Heaters

    In some cases, oil, gas or hot water unit heaters may prove to be more economical, especially for smaller greenhouses. These to are engineered to be placed in the greenhouse at the most efficient location with the most economical size.