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  • Ventec - Air Inlets

  • Model EM & BA - Wall Inlet

    Model EM & BA - Wall Inlet

    Ideal for changing over stagnant air for specific zones in agricultural buildings. Auto-balancing static pressure inlet, no mechanism required. Manual adjustment for inlet door. Insulated cover can be closed in winter months. Constructed entirely of high HDPE plastic, resists corrosion and UV radiation thus ensuring product longevity. Dimensions 12' x 14' and 14' x 22'.  Air Capacity 700 and 1 250 CFM

  • Recirculation Fans

  • CYCLONE PLUS - Model 72 - Recirculation Fans

    CYCLONE PLUS - Model 72 - Recirculation Fans

    Without question one of our most versatile and innovative designs is our CYCLONE PLUS variable speed re-circulating fan. The CYCLONE PLUS is a belt driven variable speed fan with the highest efficiency in the market today.  With six heavy duty aluminum blades spanning 72' in diameter, the CYCLONE PLUS can generate an exceptional 86 000 CFM of air movement at 0 in H2O while consuming 2,2 kW at high speeds and a meagre 130 watts at lower...

  • Roof Vents and Chimneys

  • Model LV  - Linear Roof  Vent

    Model LV - Linear Roof Vent

    Constructed entirely of corrosion and UV resistant. HDPE ensuring product longevity. Labyrinthe design and simple geometry ensures maximum air circulation without allowing infiltrations from rain, snow or dust. Allow proper ventilation of attic space. Dimensions: 6' x 24', 6' x 48', 6' x 96'. Aerates surface areas up to 700pi², 1400pi², 2800pi² respectively. Includes standard roof flange.

  • Thermostat

  • Barn Equipment

  • Gate


    These gates have been designed with the farm environment in mind. All our products are hot dipped galvanized after welding. This gives a product that has exceptional corrosion resistance with 2-3 times the coating of regular pipe. On the 4’ to 8’ gates we have a double welded re-enforcement strap and on the 9’ and up there are two sets. Combined with the 12 gauge ends and 12 gauge bottom round tubing, this offers a product that will...

  • Free Stall Systems

    Free Stall Systems

    Our free stall systems have been designed specifically for today's dairy farm. Constructed of heavy duty 10ga galvanized steel tubing, hot dipped galvanization after fabrication inside and out offers exceptional corrosion resistance.  We offer flexible alternatives for single or double row designs. The clamping systems allow for quick and easy installation and /or adjustments. Or stall clamping systems come with through holes for additional...