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  • Vermisol - Solid

    Vermisol - Solid

    Vermisol Solid is derived from worms of Lumbricus Rubellis, known as Red Californian Worms. In production of VERMISOL Vermicompost, feed for the worms has no waste, rubbish etc.. The worms are only fed by cattle droppings. VERMISOL is the vermicompost including the highest productivity rate due to this feeding style. Biohumus enhances physical features of the soil; so the soil gains easily friable nature. The fertilized soil keeps the necessary...

  • Vermisol - Liquid Bio-Fertilizer

    Vermisol - Liquid Bio-Fertilizer

    VERMISOL Liquid is a bio-fertilizer extract derived from red Californian worms. It is an extremely effective and ecological fertilizer widely used in all the agricultural products cultivated in the open fields and at the greenhouses. It is used in cultivation of vegetables, wheat, corn, sunflower, grapes, fruits, strawberry and flowers and hedgerows and grass fields as well as essential oil crops, fibrous plants and medicinal plants and in all sorts...